6 Best watches under 50 Reviews Updated 2016

Welcome to my choice   of the 6 Best watches under 50 that you should know about! Here, you will find my top 6 favorite timepieces at this price point that just rock. There are thousands of other liking out there and I know that. However,the ones that I have for you here today are the ones I believe will make the variety for you once you decide to stick with them.

So, take  a cup of tea, take your time and enjoy the list!

Nine West Women’s NW/1712PKRG Rose Gold-Tone Case Blush Pink Strap Best Women’s Analog  Watches  Under $50-2016

8mm case thickness  by 32mm case diameter,stationary bezel, Pink dial face with raised stick and Arabic markers , and leather band with buckle closure . It looks classy, stylish, and pretty. It has large numbers so it’s easy to read. Nine West Women’s NW/1712PKRG Rose Gold-Tone Case Blush Pink Strap Watch has a very rich and sophisticated look to it .Nine West Women’s NW/1712PKRG Rose Gold-Tone Case Blush Pink Strap comes with Limited Lifetime  warranty. In our listing, Nine West Women’s NW/1712PKRG is undeniably the Women’s Best  Watches  under $50.



Invicta Women’s 15149 Stainless Steel Watch Best White Leather Band watches under $50

8mm case thickness  by 33 mm case diameter,stationary bezel, Rich gold-tone dial along with an 18k gold plated stainless steel bezel , and  It is clean cut, beautiful, easy to read and goes with any dress . The white wrist band is very nice and bright, stays clean too astonishingly.It’s small, sleek, very classy.The band is kind of plastic-like but still snug. Its a really good beautiful to the eye and is very stylish.It looks classy, stylish, and pretty. Invicta Women’s 15149 Angel Watch synthetic sapphire dial window. Invicta Women’s 15149 comes with 1-year warranty. In our listing, Invicta Women’s 15149 is undeniably the Women’s Best  Watches  under $50.




U.S. Polo Assn. USC2254 Best Two Two-Tone Watches Under $50

10mm case thickness by 44 mm case diameter,stationary bezel, logoed dials, and two-tone bracelet or faux leather band , They are comfortable and accurate.There gorgeous, quality watches for a Cheap price.Beautiful and sophisticated , easy to read and goes with any dress . Its a really good beautiful to the eye and is very stylish.It looks classy, stylish, and pretty.  In our listing, U.S. Polo Assn. USC2254 is undeniably the Men’s Best  Watches  under $50.

Fossil Women’s ES3060 Georgia Three Hand Tan Best Leather Strap Watch Under $50


Fossil Women’s ES3060 Georgia Three Hand Tan Leather Strap Watch one of the best selling watches under $50, Women’s love this watch because its offers round textured dial, horse bit-shape lugs, and thin leather band with screw accents. The watch face really easy to read. It’s looking very sleek and classy and great quality. It’s not too big and the leather strap is fashionable. a watch that could dual as a fashionable casual watch that is also accurate for the work place and other dresser occasions, and it’s perfect.The face is thick and feels bulky, but should be easy to get used to.This watch pretty design and multi-features can be favorable in doing almost any type of chores. For this all reasons, we have resolved this watch to be one of the Women’s Best Analog Watches under $50.

Timex Men’s Ironman  Best Classic 100 watches Under  50 Dollars

 Timex has really made a winner with the T5E231 Ironman, to make a long story short. This digital watch has accurately the right looks, features and solace required to please nearly any guy out there who needs a reliable watch.Its movement is quartz-based and naturally, that’s double with a fairly large digital display. Everything’s safe by an acrylic crystal dial window that is also scratch / ding resistant too. Those that like to use their timepieces during gymnastics routines will also find the built-in 100-hour chronograph (with lap and split times, among other things) to be endlessly useful. Simply put, it can excellent much measure and count whatever you need it to and that’s accessible via the side “mode” switch, of course. Also included is an illumination via the “indiglo” technology, which lights up the face in usual fashion. Moreover, it’s also water resistant up to a depth of around 100 meters, making it ideal for the outdoors man. finally, it looks rather fashionable and stylish while remaining very robust and solid.

Casio G-Shock Men’s DW9052-1V watches Under $50

Merely put, if you’re the type of guy that funk traditional watches over more modernized digital types then Casio’s G-Shock DW9052-1V is expressly for you.

This quartz movement-risen timepiece displays time via a digital interface and in truth, is likely about as exact a watch as you can get for the money. There’s no disquiet about devious here possibly and the mineral crystal dial window safeguard everything from damage and obstruct scratches from cropping up as well.

Of course, the main selling point of this special model is its engaging array of features, which include: water resistance (up to an amazing 200 meters in depth), alarm, date keeping, and its incredibly robust resin / stainless steel construction.

While the watch itself was more or less designed for everyday wear it also build for an luscious choice if you’re going to be engaging in sportier actions and work as well. Some guys have even reported eminent results with this watch after several military deployments, so you know that it must be roadworthy.

The G-Shock Men’s DW9052-1V is essentially a great all-purpose watch that’s both faithful, durable and strong enough to stand up to lots and lots of misuse.

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