Invicta Women’s 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch Review

Invicta Women’s 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch Review

Invicta Womens 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch


Invicta Women’s 5377  one of the best selling Invicta Women’s watch series. Women’s love this watch because  It’s looking heavy and gorgeous.Bejeweled with ornate mineral crystal, the silver dial is accented with white markers and accompany minute hands alongside visible date display placed at 4 o’clock.


  • Elegant Design

The unique summation of silver, stainless steel and diamond ornaments make this Invicta watch really elegant. This chronograph watch is a sign of Invictas dedication to superb design. The silver tone is dazzle and can truly compete with silver-tone watches from more costly brands. You can select to wear this at work, but it can also companion an elegant dress for attending special events. Hope for compliments when you wear this Invicta watch. Even jewelers love this marvelous timepiece.

  • Reliable Swiss Quartz Movement

Most like Invicta watches, this chronograph piece tells dependable time thanks to the ingenious Swiss Quartz movement. The battery pass on electrical charges to crystal quartz causing the mineral to vibrate. The well-tuned vibration causes the watch to move hands and tell the precise time. This excellent mechanism makes the Quartz watches superior compared to automatic and mechanical watches.

  • Water Resistant

This Invicta Chronograph Watch is resistant to water with a limit of 100 meters or 330 feet . Then, you can still take advantage of its gracefulness while at the beach or enjoying water sports.

  • Great Value

The Feasible price of this Invicta watch provides great value for your money. Other brands often fee thousands of dollars for watches with similar features to this one.

  • Perfect Gift Idea

Ladies will without doubt be impressed to be presented with this Invicta chronograph watch. It comes in a stylish box that complements the quantity.

  • Invicta Warranty

Like other brand  watches, this Invicta timepiece can be expose to  damage. luckily, Invicta offers a limited warranty to make fix you will enjoy an excellent product.


  • Overpowering Size

This Invicta watch is norm for women who love bigger jewelries. How ever, for petite women and teens, the size of the watch may be overpowering. The face is also larger comparison to regular lady watches.

  • Thicker Bands

Aside from the big face, this watch may have thicker bands likened to other brands. It has a thickness of 12 mm  which is thicker compared to regular wristwatch for a woman.

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