G-Shock-DW6900NB-7 Buyer Review

G-Shock-DW6900NB-7 Buyer Review

Positive Review:

looks nice ,price is great, bought it as a work-watch and so far is performing superb ,despite all the beating it has taken … And when it gets dirty . I leave it overnight submerged in water with some dish soap in it and the next morning it is bright  as new. The thing is indestructible, I own 2 more really nice dress watches,but I wear this one for formal  occasions any chance I get,love it .

Wow! I own several G-SHOCK watches and this one bang em all! Great looking watch, numbers are easy to read and I fairly prefer it over my more costly dress watches. price the $100 or so for sure!

Loving  my white G-SHOCK. Does all the features it claims such as light up, digital clock, alarm,comfortable wear, etc. Honestly great watch which can even be worn to casual  gatherings.

I got my watch well before the approximate date, which built me very happy. It arrived in a tin watch box so it was well secure  during transit. It looks accurately like it does in the picture, very attractive, nice and white, no blemishes. I’m very happy with this watch, and I’ve gotten nothing but regards and envious stares.Nice  product!

Negative Review

The watch is improbable to read so I gave it away! Big! Very stylish and well made but couldn’t read it in daylight…or in any kind of light! grandchild loves it for the look, but even she told me she can not read the time!

Editor Review

Over All i have read all buyer reviews. Actually this is  a nice Watch with price .You have no lost your money if you buy this.


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