Casio-G100-1BV Men Watch Review


Casio-G100-1BV Men Watch Review

Model: G100-1BV
Material :Resin
Clasp :Buckle
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance:200M


Casio-G100-1BV Men Watch one of the best watches under 100 dollar , Men’s love this watch because it’s looking gorgeous and fashionable. They keep time exactly and are sturdy




Positive Review:

A very great  watch. Setting the watch is exactly you have to hold down a pusher and wait for the hour hand to spin around  until you reach the actual time. The watch is surely comfortable, light and you do not even know you are wearing it. I take it in the shower and in the clay–nothing can destroy these watches. Nice  value for the money!

The styling of the watch is not for any one, however. This watch has a very robust, prepared-for-anything kind of look that I love, without being over the top. It is a bit  thicker than other digital watches, owing to its panoply-like exterior, but this is very exquisite. Also, this watch does not have an overly huge  dial, as has become pop in watch styling lately. But I take disclosure with the many reviews that have described this watch as “small.” These are fair customers who were looking for the aforecited  large dial styling. I am 6’3” with big wrists and hands, and I don’t think the watch is small for me at all . At the end of the day, it’s a very normal watch size.
Great robust  watch. Been wearing daily  now for about 6 months. Stays on in the shower, changing the oil, working outside,swimming in the lake, hunting, etc. So far held up great, anything that gets on it cleans up goodly. Glass has taken some blow, and still looks new. Excellent  green light on the digital portion is easy to see at night. As other stated, when the hands are down in the digital area it is hard to see, but I don’t rely on the digital very  so its a minor issue with me. Happy  I purchased.
Great tough  watch. The small display at the bottom of the watch face can be robust  to see but you simply hit the light button and it’s no issue. The is a nice  watch if you have a smaller wrist. It’s not the Big  size face of the other G-Shock watches. So far, it’s kept very exact time. I can recommend this one.

In rank of functionality, everything works, but you will perhaps have to look at the direction manual at least once to figure it out. After that, using the functions of the watch is easy. I don’t worry about the watch in terms of fixity because it is G-Shock. Water resistant to 660 Feet and obviously built to withstand shocks to the casing of the watch.
1) Super light weight. I was concerned at 1st  because I thought it would be heavy and bulky . It is amazingly light and has a very solid feel to it. The band is too much  comfortable and robust . I’ve sweaty in this thing several times and it does not leave a ugly smell like the leather bands.
2) Durable. I have already clink it into  door jams,desk corners. It has been with me during drunken nights.
4) Easy to use.  adjusting time zones,Setting the time. Super easy.
I absolutely like  this watch! It fits very great , and it is vastly durable! I take showers with it when I am solo.I am always clink my wrist against something. This watch has been through very much and still functions like new. It still looks extreme! The only thing I wish was diverse.
This is a simple gift for a man who would messily bump and hit the watch against various surfaces, The time changing/keeping could have been more suitably  set.
This is an great  watch, but not for everybody because is small. The G-shock series is used widely by the military, because is exceptionally well built and durable, and it uses only mighty quality materials, It’s also very light and comfortable.

Negative Review

This is a bit  smaller for my medium size wrist. Quality of watch is good. I would extremely recommend this for school kids for its hardness and digital/analog display.
Nice watch, but it’s difficult to read, so bring your reading glasses along. Also, not too much  easy to set the analogue time. expressly a young man’s sports watch.