Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch Review

Invicta-8926 Men Watch Review

Positive Review:

This is the Invicta-8926 Men Watch I bought and I am very happy  with my purchase. I first bought the 8928ob and I am very glad with its accuracy (-3 second fast per day) and construct quality. I got the 8926 because I want a various look than Rolex look. When I 1st got it, the rotating bezel is too much tight and about 15 second fast a day. From YouTube, the rotating bezel problem can be fix by taking it to hot shower a couple of times. It verily does loosen up.

The watch looks nice . The 8926 shares the same basic idea as the Rolex Submariner 16610, if you’re intent in comparing them. The glass back is surely neat. This is my 1st  automatic watch so it’s gentle to look at the movement in the back and to show others. The face has luminous marks and the hands have luminous marks as well. There is “INVICTA” carved on the left side of the watch, but it is not too manifest and I don’t think it’s a big deal. I can’t say I’m crazy about the cyclops for the date, but it is grade for the style. After a few years I may remove it. but I’m not going to try anything now.

This review is for invicta  8926. The watch is pretty! I thought about buy a grand diver, but instead i got the 8926, which is 40mm, and i am glad i did. I have a 7 inch wrist and this watch looks nice , not too bulky  and not too small. If you are looking for a occasional, everyday watch that will not cost a small luck do yourself a favor and take a closer look at this watch. A excellent looking watch at a very affordable price.

Excellent  starter automatic match. This has been my daily  watch for almost a year and is still going strong. Very accurate  and has had no issues so far. It is by no means a Rolex  but it isn’t deduced to be. What it is is a nice  looking, well made, cheap watch that has a excellent  automatic movement. Just put a black silicone band on it and got the 9094 few  week. Will more perhaps get a few others too.

Automatic. No battery needed at the cost of a little less accuracy vs a quartz watch. I still consider this a pro diver because life in general doesn’t need to be exact to the second. The sweeping second hand is also fantastic cool.

Negative Review

The bracelet left a bit to be desired. The center links are too high gloss polished to my liking – it almost looks like it has been chrome behave. I would prefer if they had left it in the flat finish as the rest of the bracelet.

Editor Review

Overall: I Genuinely recommend Invicta-8926 watch to someone who wants to be a first time owner of an automatic and well built watch.

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