How to Protect, Clean and Polish Gold Plated Watches

The best gold plated watches have a thin film of gold over a base of stainless steel, bronze and silver. The regular usage of these plated watches diminish the life of the watches. The dust and fluid starts gathering on the watch and leaves marks.

How Long Do Gold Plated Watches Last – Life of Gold Plated Watches

The life extent of gold plated watches is not too lengthy. How long the gold plating of a watch lasts trust on the use, thickness and base material of the watch. Usually the gold plated watches last long for one  year but if used sometimes and with care then the life span of gold plated watches rise to three to 7 years.

The gold plated watches have a layer of gold on some other material. More the thickness of the plating more is the life of gold plated watch.

The disclosure of the watch to the world also decide the life of gold plating. If the watch is preowned on regular basis then soon it loses its plating because of dust and moisture.

The foundation material of gold plated watches is also an significant consideration to determine the life of plating. Silver as a ground in gold plated watches lasts for a long time than that of other materials. You may also be interesting in find How Much Does it Costs to Gold Plate a Watch.

How To Protect Gold Plated Watches

You need to take little care to keep your watch safe from dirt and damage.

  • The gold plated watches can be keep safe against dirt, dust and other damaging elements just with a little care.
  • Constantly clean your hands before wearing gold plated watch.
  • Eliminate friction of gold plated watch with hard surface to avoid scratches.
  • Wrap the watch after use in a soft cloth.
  • Clean the gold plated watch after daily use.
  • Eliminate exposure of gold plated watches to cosmetics, perfumes and other chemicals.
  • Apply secure  cover on the lower side of the watch if you are much prone to sweating.
  • Women’s should not carry their gold plated watch while working in kitchen.
  • Store gold plated watch individually.

How To Clean Gold Plated Watches

Gold Plated Watches Can Be Cleaned Easily With Simple Things in Your Home.

Cleaning of gold plated watch is as simple as a pie. You can redact this task using some household items. various techniques can be used to clean dirty and oily gold plated watches.

  • Rub your watch with a wet cotton ball before and after daily use.
  • Try non gel white toothpaste on gold plated watch with the aid of a cotton swab and rub gently to remove dirt spots or patches. Once the spot is cleared wipe it out with dank cloth.
  • a bit wet a soft toothbrush with soap water and gently rub the band of gold plated watch to get rid of dust, oil and dirt. Afterwards wipe off the soap residue with wet wash cloth.Try this method only for band not the delicate parts of the watch.
  • Cotton bud can also aid to clean the tricky areas or grooves of gold plated watches.
  • Numerous cleaners are available in the bazaar  that help in cleaning gold plated watches and jewelry. Choose the best cleaner for your watch after consulting a jeweler or your watch dealer.
  • absorption the band of your gold plated watch in ammonia solution for one  minute only if band is very dirty and then rinse it off with clean cloth and water. Minded this method is only for band not the delicate parts.

How To Polish Gold Plated Watches

Metal Polish can be used to polish your gold plated watches in your home. It is really easy. See tips below:

The gold plated watches requirement to be polished on daily basis to maintain their shine. The lubricity of gold plated watch can be done at home with metal polish.

  • Make the watch daub free with a wet cloth.
  • Rub the metal polish on the face of gold plated watch with a clean cloth.
  • dispel the black particles of metal came off the surface.
  • Now try some baby oil on the face to remove micro abrasives and remaining metal particles.
  • At the end buff the watch with soft cloth.