Women’s Moulin Digital Jelly #03158-76628 Watch Under $20

Women’s Moulin Digital Jelly #03158-76628 Watch Under $20

flashy design with date and time display is the highlight of the Moulin Ladies digital watch. The watch features a normal look but different functions. Gold tone outline of bezel in the center of entirely black watch shows the gorgeous touch of the designer in simplicity. The silicon jelly band with digital display grabs the outlook of the ladies towards this timepiece of Moulin.

Description of Women’s Moulin Digital Jelly #03158-76628 Watch Under $20

Dial of the Watch

Moulin digital jelly watch features round general size dial with small rectangle display window. The dial is black outlined with gold tone ring and normal with gold tone pushers linked to the four corners of the dial. The display window shows time in hours, minutes and seconds, date and day of the month. The dial is backed up with light to confirm display in dark room or in night. Pushers on the side of the dial aid in switching between basic time/date mode, alarm mode and stopwatch mode as well as setting the values for these modes. The links of black and gold used in dial offer overall sophisticated look to the watch.

Band of the Watch

The jelly silicon band of the watch is sleek and easy to adjust as per the desired length. The band has buckle and pin to secure the grip of the watch around the wrist. The silicon jelly band offer soft effect to the arm and helps in carrying watch in various environments with ease.

Side Pushers and Modes of Watch

The dial has pushers, 2 on right side and 2 on left to avail various functions of the watch. Top left push button is to power on the night light in order to see time in dark while bottom left pusher is to switch between various modes of the watch. Top push button on right is to set the preferred value of the function while bottom pusher is to reset values.

Features of Moulin Digital Jelly #03158-76628 Watch

Back Light

The Moulin Jelly watch offes the user to see the features of the watch except any difficulty even when it is night or no light available. The watch has the feature of back light that is actuate with the top left button specified for this purpose. The light aids in seeing time in the night. In light the display is seen directly while in darkness the light button glows the display and makes it seen.

Stopwatch and Alarm Function

Moulin digital watch is not designed as a plain watch that only can tell time but it is a multifunctional watch. It also features stopwatch and alarm settings. Side push buttons on both sides aid the customers  in navigating and choosing various modes. The stopwatch mode offer the user to count time even to 1/100 seconds while alarm mode gives  sound notification on particular time of the day.

Where To Buy This Moulin Digital Jelly Watch

The ditto watch of Moulin is easily available in a much affordable price under $20. Although the features that the watch covers are more costly than the price of the watch but you can find this watch in such price on Amazon.