Michael Kors Glitz Watch Gold Tone for Women Review

Michael Kors Glitz Watch Gold Tone for Women Review

Smooth Micheal Kors Parker Glitz Gold Tone watch is what a stylish sophisticated lady needs to show its style. Michael Kors has pledge to accommodate every such lady with its stylishly designed and good constructed timepieces. The simplicity is the factor that has never been accommodate by the brand and so in the case of Parker collection. The whole watch in same rose gold tone with easy dial and touch of glamour in the form of stones is the symbol of brand’s delicious expertise with an eye on the needs of the ladies on the go.

Review of Michael Kors Glitz Watch Gold Tone for Women

Midsized Watch in Rose Gold Tone

The size and tone of the Michael Kors Parker Glitz Gold Tone Watch is model for ladies to select this watch as an necessary to add much more to their appearance. Where rose gold tone gives a high profile like to this Glitz watch there the medium size makes it easy to carry. The color is popular among ladies as it can be worn with any of accoutrement style and color widely. There is no demands  to have a pile of watches to accommodate various occasions and apparels as this appealing tone is simply enough to withstand both formally or casually.


The watch features a easy pave stainless steel dial polished in rose gold color with embossed MK logo and no other details. Only 3 arms append in the middle to show analog movement. The bezel of the watch has 2 rows of pave stones decoration that grab the attention of the viewers in only single peek The glace stainless steel back cover holds all of the mechanism of the watch inside with security. The bezel on the side has a crown links in order to move the arms of the watch to adjust time.


The stainless steel band of the MK Parker Glitz watch has a fine splotch of rose gold color. This stainless steel band confirm high safety and lets watch to stay longer. The band is designed in MK’s traditionary style having three attached in one row, central matte links while outer ultra shining links. The attached chain band has an adjustable length that can be lengthy with extra provided links or shorten while removing spare links. The band ends in a security double push fold over closure that is simple to operate and reliable to fasten the watch

Resistance against Water and Scratches

MK Glitz watch is a worthy timepiece for outdoor recreative activities including water adventures. The watch frees its guru from worries of water harm or scratches showing a resistance against both. The lady can enjoy a walk except umbrella in rain, swimming or snorkeling up to 330 ft while the hard coating of mineral crystal defense the watch dial from scratches formed due to heathenish use or dust.

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