Michael Kors Smart Watch Rose Gold Review

Michael Kors Smart Watch Rose Gold Review

Michael Kors has walk in watches industry with some high grade timepieces that have override the smart watch industry. The Bradshaw smart watch series from this craftsman is not only the true representation of the restrictive trends in the fashion industry but also embodiment of latest technologies. The smart watches of Michael Kors maintain the brand’s known reputation with favour to its features and stylish design.

Features of Michael Kors Rose Gold Smart Watch

1- Rose Gold Stainless Steel Body

Rose gold smart Bradshaw watch is completely stainless steel watch plated in rose gold color. It has Kors conventional inverted dial case plated in rose gold that holds round dial of the watch. Usually this watch appear with stainless steel attached bracelet band ending at a clasp with double push button but negotiable bands option allows switching between various bands as per requirement.

2- Resistance against Water and Scratches

The watch warranty durability and long-term use without any harm due to water resistance and mineral crystal security. Mineral crystal dial window keeps the dial face free of scratches. As well a resistance against water up to 33 feet allows watch to work in moisture, light immersion of water and even while swimming.

Smart Features of Michael Kors Access Touchscreen Rose Gold Acetate Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5013

1- Android and iPhone Compatibility

Android Wear is the main force behind this smart Acetate watch. It has a accurate compatibility with both android as well with iPhone. The watch can be synchronize with smart phones making the entire phone data accessible even except touching phone or interrupting ongoing activity.

2- Smart Notifications

Smart Acetate Bradshaw Kors watch saves you updated with all of your social media accounts and inform you for your received text messages, calls and E-mails through smart alerts. This smart watch also has smart feature of respond against these notifications both via text and voice.

3- Google Search and Google Map

Ask from Google what you want to except touching your phone or tablet. Just click your watch and find the answer of your queries from Google search engine. Michael Kors rose gold smart watch also guard you to your destination with the assistance of Google map and navigation system.

4– Body Metric Measurement

Bradshaw Acetate smart watch offers true picture of daily physical activities. It route the steps taken, calories burned ,distance  travelled   and sleep time and quality during the whole day. This calculation of daily physical activities helps in achieving your fitness goals except any effort of making manual calculations.

Other Features of Michael Kors Smart Watch Rose Gold

Some other highlighted features of the watch are

  • Price is under $500 (see current exact price)
  • Music control option
  • Magnetic charging
  • Wireless synching
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Internal Memory of 4GB
  • RAM up to 512 MB
  • Alarm Clock
  • Auto Date and Time update
  • Voice control
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

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