Timex Ironman Essential 10 Watch Review

Timex Ironman Essential 10 Watch Review

Ironman collection display the heritage of Timex for offer functionality with durability and quality. Ironman Essential10 men’s watch is a midsized watch build of durable material resin. That whole watch is build of single material resin that is not only durable but also suitable and lightweight. The hypoallergenic quality of resin makes it a wise like for those who suffer from skin sensitivity. The black dial with touch of blue and black band adds sophisticated scene to the watch.

Timex Ironman Essential 10 Watch

The watch is decorated with sporty features along with the traditional timekeeping and alarm functions. The watch also serves as a countdown timer as well as chronograph and also worthy for water sports. It also help travelers with its dual time format. Freely operable menu with option of navigation also makes the watch a choose one by men.

Features and Review of Timex Ironman Essential 10 Watch

1- Chronograph With Lap Memory

Chronograph is a proficient feature of this sporty watch from Ironman collection of Timex. The watch is doughty of measuring up to 100 hours as stopwatch and also memorizing up to 10 laps recorded. Chronograph function can be used in 2 modes chosen with the aid of side pushers, lap and split. Data for both modes is shown on the display screen in big digits for easy view.

2- Alarm and Countdown Timer

Ironman essential10 men’s watch features the noble functions of the watch like alarm as well as sporty functions choice countdown timer. The watch is programmed with various settings to avail these options. Alarm settings gives the wearer option to set alarm on daily/weekly/weekend/weekday basis while twenty four hours countdown timer comes with stop and repeat options

3- Indiglo Dial

Ironman essential10 has a digital display showing date, day, time and other elect functions of the watch. The display is visibly transparent in the daylight but in the night or dim light the display think difficult. This trouble is solved with the option of Indiglo light that can be turned on to show illuminated display in darkness. Top right push button is used to good this function of the watch.

4- Quartz Movement

Authenticity is the trademark of the Timex that has been focused in Ironman collection choice other watch collections of the brand. The watch is build to work on the most trusty and précised watch mechanism based on the quartz crystal. This quartz movement is battery driven losing a negligible amount over periods. This movement not only ensures exactness but also eliminates overheads as it runs on a battery only that lasts for years.

5- Water and Scratch Resistance

Timex promises a highly strong timepiece to its customers that can run for long except losing its face value and functionality. This promise of the craftsman is fulfilled with water resistance function and defensive dial window of the watch. Timex Ironman essential 10 laps is made shower, beach and pool resistant. Also the watch is build scratch resistant with the protective layer over the dial thus a man does not need to idea about losing the face value of the watch during any water adventure or outdoor activity.