Women’s White Sports Watch Review

Women’s White Sports Watch Review

Ironman sleek 30 is the best Timex can offer to the women in the name of sports watch. The sophisticated white colored resin watch with digital shows in between diamond shaped bezel gives the best girlish look agreeable everyday style of the lady. The tig of silver on both sides adds much to the style of the watch. The watch is built of highly durable resin material that makes the watch lightweight to be carried for even long except any difficulty. The strap of the watch is also build of resin in a stylish way with buckle closure at its end. Resin material offer the suitable feel to the wrist while the tight closure prevents watch from falling accidentally. The watch shows all of the perspective Timex is known for; durability, style, features and quality.

Special Features and Review of Women’s White Sports Timex Watch

1- Easy to Operate

Timex build this sports ladies watch an easy to operate timepiece with on screen prompt menu setting. The menu is customizable that agree removing unwanted or unused modes from the shown screen. The menu setting is very easy to handle with the options to navigate between various menu options with forward or moving backward option. This easy to use menu options makes this watch a propose timepiece among ladies having excited indoor and outdoor schedule.

2- Alarm and Countdown Timer Function

Timex Ironman sleek30 is decorated with every of function that helps in daily routine of a woman. The watch has number of setting options for alarm and countdown timer function. The alarm function can be set for various options as per require such as daily/weekly/weekend/weekday that can be set and reset from the buttons on the left side of the watch while the countdown timer that can run for 24 hours comes with two settings; countdown stop and countdown repeat for terminating the action and repeating the operation after some interval gradually.

3- Chronograph and Dual Time Zones

Chronograph is the intended featured for a sports watch. Timex offer the function of chronograph in this women sports Sleek30 watch capable of 100 hours measurement. The chronograph has 2 settings for use, split times and lap with the authority of memorizing the data up to 99 laps.

The watch is programmed to display time in 2 different zones, Local time and Foreign time. Foreign time can be set using MODE button of the watch. The function of foreign time aid the wearer of the watch while they are traveling away from their city and country.

4- Indiglo Dial

The dial of Ironman Sleek 30 is build of electroluminescent technology that makes the dial glow in the night or dim light. INDIGLO button on the top right corner is pressed to turn on night light mode. Once this mode is turned on, the dial face of the watch gets illuminated in the dark conditions or when there is dim light. In this mode the screen also illuminates for only 3 seconds while pressing any button or using any function.

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