Timex Indiglo Night Light WR30 Women’s Watch

Timex Indiglo Night Light WR30 Women’s Watch

Indiglo is one of the most flexible, suitable and cool watches from the weekender collection of Timex. Vintage style dial watch with slip through vibrant colored band is what makes the mood of a lady . This timepiece is the good example of how the brand keeps keen eye on the needs of the women of various ages and tastes. The dial with straight details focuses on the simplicity while the vibrant colored variable strap of the watch display the concern of the brand to glorious the casual look of a lady.

Design Details of Timex Indiglo Night Light WR30 Women’s Watch

Dial Details

Easy round dial of Timex indiglo watch features stainless steel exquisitely polished in silver tone. All surroundings of the dial such as case, bezel and crown are polished in same silver tone. The dial has a white dial face with black details; the logo, hour marks and hour/minute hands. Seconds hand movement is display with the same colored needle as of the strap’s color. Black stick minute markers are also the part of white dial face of the watch.

Slide thru Strap

Timex Indiglo women’s watch features a nylon strap in aqua blue color that can be slipped through the hinges of the dial case. Nylon makes the watch a real casual watch while vibrant aqua blue color adds an artistic touch to its ingenuousness. Timex offer number of additional straps in single or multicolor to match with the mood and outfit of the women. A fine polished buckle of stainless steel is linked to the end of the band for a solid grip. The band has 2 holders with some gap in order to hold the spare piece of band after the band is tied.

Features of Timex Indiglo Night Light WR30 Women’s Watch

Night Light

Plus of night light is the main trait of Timex Indigo series. The appearance of this light makes the use of watch as handy in night as in daylight. A specific back light is initiated in the watch that enables when the room is not lit or there is very dim light in the surroundings. This feature makes probable to see time in the night with high ease.

Reliable Movement

Timex has paid same care on the right time keeping along with the outlook of the watch while designing this model of weekender series. The time mechanism of the watch is dependence on quartz crystal oscillation that loses only a few seconds during a month. Thus the movement created by this crystal is considered to be the best and most reliable.

Scratch Resistance

A defensive window made of mineral crystal is designed around the dial case in this indiglo Timex women watch. This safeguard covering enables the watch to fight against scratch causing agents so that the watch can maintain its face for a long time. This window is specifically important as the watch is a casual and can get scratches very easily in routine family activities of a woman.

Water Resistance

A lady is assume to enjoy the water contact except caring about the watch she is wearing as this watch from Timex weekender series has safeguard against water. The watch can be easily worn while fulfilling daily routine water chores. It can withhold water splashes and can tolerate a walk in mild rain as well. A water resistance up to 100 Feet enables this watch to make periodic immersion in low water.

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