Reviews of Men’s Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Sapphire WR100 Watch

Reviews of Men’s Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Sapphire WR100 Watch

Style with stability is the theme Citizen always has been working on. Innovation in design and nobility in craftsmanship is what company keeps in mind while throwing watches in the market. The whole constructing process followed by Citizen from designing individual components to final assembling is carried under supervision of highly specialist officials.

Eco-Drive watches of Citizen show the deep concern of the brand in offer society with safe and friendly timepieces. Eco-Drive series of Citizen is a next step in the technology of the watch making. The technology elect the need of battery replacing or manual charging while the battery is light powered instead. Addition of titanium metal in the build of the watch shows the company’s approach to offer excellence to the society.

Description of Men’s Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Sapphire WR100 Watch

Purely Men’s

Eco Drive Citizen watch is adjustable in any conditions either official or casual with its Blue dial face. Its look and versatility is doubtless one of the strongest reasons of high sale. Either you have to current yourself in a business meeting or enjoy an outdoor recreation with friends; Citizen Eco-Drive will add enough trust in you to move in the society. It even allows water sweetheart to jump in water with it without thinking being water resistance.

Silver Tone Metallic Band

Titanium metallic attached band of Citizen eco-drive watch looks illustrious in silver with a variety of styles. Titanium is a sturdy but lightweight metal that not only makes the watch stylish but also too light to carry easily. The anti corrosion properties of titanium make the watch resistant of environmental changes. The fold over security clasp with push button helps in a tight grip of watch around the wrist.

Dial Features of Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Sapphire WR100 Watch

Dial Face

The central beehive designed blue dial face with prominent features is the key highlight of the watch. The hours are indicated with luminous thin and thick bars silver bars while movement if the watch is represented with luminous silver arms. Luminous hour indices and arms help in seeing time in dark. Thin and thick minute markers in white at the outer of the rim make dial striking and easy to read. A small date window with white boundary at the position of 3O’clock makes the watch a multi function watch. A large pull and push silver crown in inverted bezel help in adjustment of time and date.

Anti Reflective Sapphire Window

The dial of eco-drive Citizen Watch is safeguard with anti glaring sapphire glass coating. The anti reflective property of the crystal safeguard glass makes it possible to see time easily even in daylight while hardness of the strong sapphire crystal rise the lifetime of the watch.

Special Feature of Citizen Titanium Sapphire WR100 Watch

Eco-Drive Technology

Citizen constructed first light powered watch that can run both with natural as well as artificial light. The battery of the watch even gets power in dim light. The eco-drive technology confirm no need of battery replacement ever but the battery is charged with naturally with sunlight or artificially with other light sources instead. Once the battery is fully charged it can run for about six months continuously even in full darkness.

Water Resistance

Citizen WR100 Eco-drive watch makes the man move on even in water. The watch can withstand the water up to the depth of 330 ft that allows men to enjoy swimming and also snorkeling. though this level of resistance is not enough to assistance scuba diving and Deep Sea diving but supports water splashes and wrist moisture.

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