Techno Pave Quartz Watch Review

Techno Pave Quartz Watch Review

Techno Pave is the brand well-known for its best craftsmanship and attention to detailing. The taste of material to desired features, every process is passed through keen attention and due care of expert while designing the masterpieces. The brand keeps on rocking the watch industry since its production with the introduction of innovative designs and striking features like Techno Pave Diamond watch and Techno Pave Touch Screen Watch. The undertake quality of Pave watches is undoubtedly maintained no matter what the watch material and cost is. The quality consolation by the manufacturer is the biggest reason the watch lovers wait awfully for the upcoming creations of this brand. In this article I am going to review Techno Pave Quartz watch which is one of the best sellers.

Review of Techno Pave Quartz Silicone Watch

The silicone quartz watch is highly glazing piece of watch with innovative features. Color combination of black with golden raise the stylish look of the watch at one hand while the powdered dial produce the sense of innovation in the watch craft on the other hand. Color combination, bezel and dial style, distinctive band style and above all the brand name, nothing can define style for a man better than this guru timepiece.

1- Face Details of the Watch

The first noteworthy feature in any watch is its dial face and its details. This is what defines the style of a watch. Techno Pave has a best fame in designing watches with high quality eye grabbing dial faces. The dial of silicon quartz men’s watch is round encased in gold plated solid stainless steel dial case. The bezel around the dial is shaped alike a coin with edges adorned with ten CZ white crystals. The watch has a glace dial face with sprinkled gold powder that makes this watch a sure taste of true watch lovers.

2- Band Description of Techno Pave Men’s Quartz Watch

The band of Techno Pave’s men’s quartz watch is not current metallic and rubber band but silicone instead. Silicone material offer the soft feel as likened to all other materials, at the same time it lasts for long as there is no chance of cracking. The silicone band of this Pave’s watch is designed uncommon in bullet band style with belt like buckle enclosure in a fusion of black and golden.

3- Indices and Hands

Mark hours in Techno Pave silicone quartz watch are display in a combination of dots and numbers. 4 main positions 3, 6, 9 and 12O’clock are shown with numbers while all other positions are display with small golden dots. To point out these hour marks 3 small luminous hands are used.

4- Quartz Movement

Time exactness is the feature Techno Pave pays the most attention while designing its watches. Quartz movement is the base of most of this men’s watch as it warranty a high level of precision in time. Thus there is no hesitation about the time precision of this watch.

5- Bonus With The Watch

A CZ gemstones embellished ring in golden and black color is offering along with this timepiece as a bonus gift. The astonishing ring having a large black stone in the centre of golden base adorned with a number of small white gemstone addition the watch as its essential part.

6- Price of Techno Pave Quartz Silicone Watch

The cost range of this watch ranges between $30-$40 (see current exact price). This is really cheap provided that you are getting all above mentioned cool features in this price.

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