XOXO Yellow and Rose Gold Plated XO5873 Watch For Women

XOXO Yellow and Rose Gold Plated XO5873 Watch For Women

XOXO was the leader contemporary brand who designed and built “Runway to real way” fashion accessories accessible to average consumers. XOXO has been trying to deliver really feminine, trendy look within the neoteric fashion spectrum. This is the main components of the success of the XOXO that has been maintained since the creation of the brand.

Two tone gold plated ladies watch is an inexpensive timepiece with trendy design and innovative basics that is the summary of the XOXO style. X05873 yellow and rose gold watch makes the wearer confident, alluring and modern.

Description of XOXO Yellow and Rose Gold Plated XO5873 Watch For Women

XOXO Yellow and Rose Gold Plated XO5873 Watch For Women

Two Tone Bracelet Band

Two toned attached bracelet strap of XOXO ladies watch adds a stylish and glamorous look to the outlook of the lady wearing it. The strap of the watch is a 3 link bracelet made of alloy with fold over clasp. These links are plated in two tones; the central links are plated in rose gold while the surrounding links are yellow gold plated. The links of the watch are adjustable and can be added or withdrawn as per the size of the wrist.

Stylish Sunray Dial

A stylish sunray dial with analog show is the key attraction of this XOXO women’s watch. The rose gold dial has yellow gold roman hour marks, 3 luminous hours/minutes/seconds arms, and 3 textured sub dials. Sub dial at the position of 3O’clock shows military time while the sub dial opposite to this one counts 30 seconds and the sub dial in between these 2 counts time up to 1 minute. The inset crystal bezel around the dial of the watch makes this timepiece accurate for formal occasions, outdoor recreations and even for business meetings

Quartz Movement

Quartz movement is the surety of high accuracy of time in any wrist watch. Quartz movement is based on quartz crystal that gives energy to the watch to move on. XOXO ladies yellow and rose tone watch is also based on this quartz technology that confirm a high exactness of time no matter how long watch is used. Quartz movement is battery driven and runs on one battery that last for years and does not requirement to be replaced over and over again.

Glass Dial Window

The nice  of this model of XOXO watch is its show and jeweled bezel. The scratches on dial of the watch will destroy its elegance as well as limit its usability. A glass dial window covering has been used in this model of ladies XOXO two toned watch to avoid harm to the watch dial. Extra the glass dial window gives the watch a glowing exterior.

Ten Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee

X05873 ladies two tone watch has a limited guarantee from the manufacturer for ten years starting from the original date of purchase watch. This guarantee is limited to some specific items rather than the whole watch. The craftsman is responsible to deliver services only in case of material defect or defects in workmanship under this warranty. The guarantee does not apply to any other item related to the watch however the customer can get the repair and replacement of other items in replacement of minimal charges.

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