Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB Review

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB Review

For just a several bucks, it’s hard for you to go false with the 8926OB. Because you will  hardly find another dive watch that is high-quality at the cost  range of less than $100. Despite some disability, the 8926OB still remains a best deal with: a dependable Japanese auto movement, a solid case architecture, an polished look & classy styling taken from Rolex. You do not have to be a pro diver to wear a dive watch, so if you love this watch, just opt for it, as it’s designed for daily use as well as diving purpose.

Invicta pro diver watches are among the best selling inexpensive men’s dive watches now. You will rarely find a reliable dive watch in the price range of under $100, not to mention an automatic one. However, it is accurately what Invicta, a Swiss budget watchmaker, can offer you.Their 89xx models are solid dive watches with dressy look- which are reliable underwater and genteel in everyday-use. In this review, I will take the 8926OB as an example because it is the well-known among the Invicta pro diver series.


  1. Rolex Submariner look-alike
  2. Fit well with any kind of apparel
  3. Inexpensive price
  4. Dependable Seiko’s NH35A caliber


  1. Again, Rolex Submariner look-alike
  2. poorly lume
  3. Hit-or-miss after-sales service
  4. Hard-to-rotate bezel frame

A quick look

Straight, you can spot an 8926OB on someone’s wrist from more feet away. It’s from Rolex that Invicta copy such an eye-catching styling. You cannot separate a black dial Submariner and an Invicta 8926OB from one another at 1st glance.

A classy, elegant outlook gets along with solid finishing, these elements make 8926OB look much more costly than what it actually costs.

The 8926OB is the most well-known watch in Invicta pro diver series. It has a balanced body and good-looking design which can satisfy various watch collectors with different tastes.

High water resistance rating but weak lume

The 8926OB is an Invicta “pro diver”, thus its waterproof hold is absolutely higher than ordinary dress watches. Similar to Invicta, all the pro diver watches can resist water up to 200 m. In fact, you can rest sure that these watches perform well underwater, as long as you don’t go scuba diving to accurately 660 feet, or else you will put your beloved watch at risk.

Some persons have reported that their Invicta watches got water inside after diving too deeply. I tested the 8926OB myself: taking shower, go swimming, go diving (to about 100 feet or more)…the watch was still in fully functional state, but I have never gone scuba diving up to 660 feet.

On the opposite to its high water-resistance rating, the 8926OB only has a pathetic lume. I brightened the watch to a strong direct light source before putting it into the test. In the dark, the dial and the pip just glint brightly for a few minutes, after that, they all faded away.

The hands are noticeably brighter than the rest of the watch, but it’s just unwillingly acceptable. Again, imperfections should be hoped from a less-than-$100 dive watch.


  • If you do not like the bracelet, just go leather with a black strap.
  • The Cyclops attraction stains and scratches, take best care of it or you can remove it with a knife and a gas welder.

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