Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB Gold-Plated Review

Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB Gold-Plated Review

With in the Invicta pro diver series, the 8928OB is most attractive and classy-looking. It is more of a dress watch than a diving piece. The original value lies within the watch’s awesome design and reliable Seiko automatic movement. The rest of the watch is just adoptable, not excellent. However, in the price range of around 100 dollars, it’s hard to find another auto watch that can provide you so much worth like the Invicta 8928OB (without for its cousins, of course)


Invicta 8928OB Pro Diver – A flashy looking gold-plated automatic watch

The Invicta 8928OB, jointly with the 8926OB, are two bestselling automatic timepieces in the Invicta pro diver series. If you want a not-so-flashy dive watch, the 8926OB would be a right elected, but if you favor a more luxury-looking timepiece, then the 8928OB is created  for you. Following is my Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB  Review, hope you will enjoy!


  • eye catching design
  • Look much more costly than what it actually costs, thanks to the glossy gold-plating
  • dependable Japanese automatic movement – the Seiko NH35A caliber
  • Low price


  • Rolex Submariner Similar
  • Rattling stainless steel bracelet
  • Hit-or-miss after-sales service
  • difficult-to-turn bezel

The Seiko NH35A automatic movement – Invicta’s quality commitment

If not for the Seiko caliber inside, some  people dare to trust the watch’s quality because as a mechanical timepiece, it’s cheap. However, cheap-price but high-quality wristwatches are correctly what the budget Swiss brand aims to offer you. The Seiko movement inside the Invicta 8928OB is a vivid demonstration of their quality commitment.

The Seiko NH35A is a 24-jewel caliber with the oscillation frequency of 21.600 beats per hour (6 beats per second), this is just a average beating rate in the realm of auto calibers, nothing engaging here. But when it appear to actual performance, the NH35A really surpass users’ expectations. It just runs off about 10 to 15 seconds per day, more than adoptable for an entry-level auto movement.

As the watch’s power reserve is just around forty  hours after fully wound, you have to wear it at least every other day to keep it running. An auto-winder is too expensive compared to the price of the Invicta 8928OB, so it is out of question!

The 660 feet water resistance rating is a myth

Do not  mistake me, the Invicta 8928OB is still a best waterproof watch, anyway, it’s called “pro diver”, right? To be honest, the watch could function good  underwater. You can go swimming, diving with it, no problem! However, it’s not designed for a deep scuba dive, thus you should pay eye to your diving level, or else your Invicta watch would be harmed.

If you are in requirement of a true scuba diving watch, you had good opt for a Citizen Eco-Drive or a Seiko dive watch. These brands get the ISO6425 certification for their diving piece, which means their items  are claimed to meet all the standards required for a “true” dive watches. The 660 ft water resistance rating that you see on the Invicta pro diver watches is questionable. Of course, they are best waterproof timepieces, but not nice enough to be “pro” dive watches.

Acceptable lume

The lume is not Invicta watches’ hard point. The green glow is legible in the dark, but it’s not bright and cannot hold up for long hours of diving. Invicta’s lume is inferior to Seiko’s LumiBrite, both in terms of strength and longevity. However, Seiko dive watches value you more than 2 times the price of the Invicta 8928OB. Thus you shouldn’t hope the 8928OB to be on a par with those Japanese watches.

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