Invicta Men’s Speedway 9211 Review

Invicta Men’s Speedway 9211 Review

Looking for the bargain of the year? This may be it for you. This Speedway 9211 is at the higher spectrum of Invicta watches, it does not truly feel like an Invicta at all actually, but more alike a high quality luxury watch. The Speedway 9211 generally retails at around 350 dollars, but I have found it online at up to an 80% discount! This watch is really more of a quality luxury/dive watch, but is also worthy for everyday use, and can add a novel touch to a modern fashion look.

Invicta Men's 9211 Speedway Collection Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch with Link Bracelet

Style and Build of the Speedway 9211

At the value that this watch is currently available at, you most likely would not  expect too much, in terms of quality or style. A watch in this cost range would usually be constructed with fairly low quality materials and might

not last you the year, side view of 9211 timepiece but the 9211 is created  with fine detail and is sure to last you many years. The Speedway 9211 is an extreme steel at it’s current discounted price

This bargain timepiece has a powerful stainless steel construction, with very fine laser carved details, such as the logo emblem in multiple locations, and the numbered bezel. I truly like the stainless steel band on this model as well, which is a very fashionable brushed/polished 2 tone style, and also includes a functional fold over clasp for safety locking. The dials on the side of the face are also big and easy to use, making them ideal to adjust even while under water

The dial window is created  of a nice crystal clear mineral material, which I am not confirm  is scratch resistant or not, but for me has stood up fairly well with consistent day to day use. One of the standout features of this model is it’s shock resistance ability, which is luscious for those inevitable bumps and bashes during snorkelling or scuba diving

Comfort and Performance

I found the Speedway 9211 to be very suitable, but I am used to big watches, and have tried a large difference of dive watches. The solace for you would depend on weather or not you like watches on the slightly heavy side, the 9211 comes in at 1.4 pounds. When adjusted to your proper wrist sized and strung properly, the fit is snug and secure. I would recommend wearing this watch a bit tighter then normal due to it’s weight, it’s good to avoid side to side movement on the wrist.

This watch is deliberated a beginner to intermediate level divers watch, and can go to depths of 200 m without any issues. The 9211 works on a Japanese quartz movement, and the overall perfection is very excellent, specially considering the price. If your more of an leading diver you may want to have a look at something a small more sophisticated, like the Seiko SRP307.

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