Review of Polo Assn Two Tone Quartz Metal and Alloy Casual Bracelet Watch USC40176

Review of Polo Assn Two Tone Quartz Metal and Alloy Casual Bracelet Watch USC40176

U.S. Polo Association has been juicy the fashion lovers with classic timepieces for a long time. The watches of USPA are a accurate blend of quality, value and leading fashion. USC40176 is one of these classic timepieces of Polo featuring large dial, metal band and special plating. This ladies watch is the symbol of loveliness, quality and style which is the trait of U.S. Polo Association watches. It is costly to say this watch a desired timepiece for those who love to follow fashion trends but never agreement on quality.

Features and Characteristics of Polo Assn USC40176 Two Tone Quartz Metal and Alloy Casual Watch

U.S. Polo Assn. Women's Quartz Metal and Alloy Casual Watch, ColorTwo Tone (Model USC40176)

Price: Less than under $20 (see current price)

Model No: USC40176

Case: 37 mm

Band Color: Two Tone (Silver+Gold)

Warranty: ten Years

1- Hyperlink Bracelet Band

The strap of Polo quartz metal and alloy ladies watch is a stylish dual tone metallic attached bracelet with a fold over clasp. The first 2 links are large hyperlinks in 2 colors, silver and Rose gold while remaining bracelet is traditional attached bracelet in rose gold tone. These hyperlinks make the watch an striking timepiece and dual tone of the bracelet band make it worthy for casual as well as formal events. The band of the watch is adjustable as its extent can be increase or shorten by adding or removing links very conveniently.

2- Two Tone Dial

The dial of Polo ladies casual watch depicture the signature style of the U.S. Polo Association with no details except the trademark of the association. The dial of the watch is silver in color with rose gold colored hour markers and logo of the craftsman. The dial is surrounded by a rose gold colored bezel and secured  with a glass covering to avoid any kind of harm. 3 crowns are also the part of the dial to adjust the movement of arms of the watch to have the correct time.

3- Hour Markers and Luminescent Hands

The hour markers on the face of the dial of Polo USC40176 watch are in 2 styles, numerals and bar shaped. The hour markers for even positions are display by numerals except six due to logo at this position while remaining hour marks are delineate with rectangular bar. Luminescent arms move around the dial to have an analog show of time visible even in the dark.

4- Quartz Movement

It is not distrustful to have accurate time when you are wearing Polo’s dual tone quartz casual watch. The watch features the quartz movement that is the consolation of right time no matter where you are. The quartz movement is reliable upon quartz crystal and necessity one battery to make the right movement of this crystal possible.

5- Impressive ten Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

A warranty of ten years from U.S. Polo Association is enough to prove the authenticity of the watch. The craftsman gives the confirm  of free repair for items specified under warranty of this Women’s casual watch for a long time of Ten years. This manufacturer’s warranty starts from the first day of buy of the watch and does not apply to the case, bracelet or any harm due to the negligence of the wearer. However these repairs can also be done by the craftsman but in return of service charges.

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