Seiko SKX007 Dive Watch Review

Seiko SKX007 Dive Watch Review

If you want an inexpensive dive watch with dressy look, you should opt for the Orient Mako. If you are looking for a real dive watch, the Seiko SKX007 is assuredly a better choice. Despite being a tool watch, the Seiko SKX007 can also be used for daily wear. However, due to the fact that it has a sturdy and sporty body, it’s not worthy with formal apparels.

seiko skx007 review

The Seiko SKX007 is one of the bestselling entry-level men’s dive watches. There are abundant of desk-divers’ watches within the price range of under 300 dollars .Unnecessary to say, they are alluring timepieces with various designs, but in terms of technical function, they’re nothing but fashion accessories, unlike the SKX007.There’re not many exalted brands that willing to make fully featured diving pieces with less prices, but Seiko is one among the few. Despite being budget dive watches, the Seiko SKXxxx models are Good-known for their long-term reliability and stability that far exceed users’ expectation. Take the Seiko SKX007 as an example, we will find out why the SKX series became one of the bestsellers in the entry-level dive watches’ market!

Following is my Seiko SKX007 Dive Watch Review, hope you will enjoy!


  • Meets all the standards for a real dive watch
  • Reliable & strong automatic movement (the Seiko 7S26)
  • Sturdy finish
  • Superior lume by LumiBrite technology


  • Not so dressy
  • The ISO-certification raise the cost

SKX007’s design – full of Seiko’s  character

SKX007’s design – full of Seiko’s character

There are  few brands that yield fully featured but affordable dive watches, and there are even fewer brands willing to invest in real designs.

When I first looked at the SKX007, the only thing popped up in my mind:”Oh, it’s confidently a Seiko!” The details on the watch are not so especial, but Seiko has an monopolistic way of combining them to form a bold dive watch that secrete Seiko’s imprint.

The case is sized at 40mm, a bit  smaller than that of the Seiko Monster (43mm), so it can fit well with a wider range of wrists. The 13mm thickness is general for an automatic dive watch

Going along with the 40mm case is a 22mm bracelet that tapers down to 20mm at the clasp. In my opinion, this steel jubilee bracelet is excellent than triple-row metal bands. sadly, it’s not designed for hairy arms.

In case you want a lighter watch, just opt for the ribbed rubber strap version, as its weight is less than the stainless steel bracelet, and it feels more satisfied, too.

I personally like the metal bracelet since it adds much to the watch’s sturdiness and my trust when wearing it.

The 22mm ear width is quite common, so you can easily find a worthy aftermarket band for your beloved watch. I recommend streaky fabric NATO/Zulu straps as they suit well with Seiko’s manly case design.


The whole case is brushed on the vertex and mirror-polished on both sides, this is a common styling for most steel watches, nothing especial. The white luminous hour dots contrast very well against the matte black dial to offer a superior legibility.

Generally, the hour hand is the special one, but for the SKX007, it’s the arrow-tipped minute hand which makes for the highlight  of interest. Such sturdy hand lends sturdiness to the dial, making it look sportier. The lumed second hand looks like an upset Rolex Submariner’s second hand, due to its circle dot on the tail instead of on the pointing tip.

The 7S26 self-winding automatic movement, a real workhorse

The Seiko SKX007 employs Seiko’s well-liked caliber – the 7S26, which is featured by very much of Seiko’s mainstream items, including the Monsters Generation 1 (SKX781).

The 7S26 is just an entry-level automatic movement, but in terms of stability and reliability, it’s not inferior to many other high-class movements. The 7S26 runs off just about 10, 15 secs/day on average. It’s totally receivable in the budget price range. However, you can regulate the watch for higher exactness.

High water resistance rating & superior lume

As said above, Seiko’s inexpensive dive watches are good-known for their dependable diving functions despite the low prices. The SKX007 is not an exception. Although the Seiko SKX007 doesn’t have a tank-like finish of the Seiko Monster, they both share the same water resistance rating, and the 2 timepieces have been put through the ISO-standard test for diver’s watches to make confirm   they’re qualified for true scuba dives.

The Seiko SKX007 is designed for pro divers who often go scuba diving up to 660 feet, the screw-down crown is exactly protected from the water as long as it’s screwed tightly enough, the hardlex glass is covered by the bezel to avoid unexpected hits and bumps underwater.

Seiko dive watches always embody attention to detail to confirm your best diving experience!

The LumiBrite technology is Seiko’s innovative quintessence. Conventional fluorescent paints tend to offer short-lived glow which can only last a few minutes in the dark. The LumiBrite, on the other hand, can provide  superior legibility in such a tail time of more than three hours after a quick charge ( for about 10 mins). The light strength and longevity is much better than ordinary luminous paints.

The watch has a lot of variations for you to choose:

  • SKX007K2 – stainless steel bracelet with black dial
  • SKX007K1 – rubber strap with black dial
  • SKX009K2– stainless steel bracelet with pepsi dial
  • SKX009K1 – rubber strap with pepsi dial