Seiko Orange Monster SRP309 Review

Seiko Orange Monster SRP309 Review

Seiko is the most preferred brand when it comes to affordable but entirely featured dive watches. The new Orange Monster SRP309 has a quite low price compared to the real value of the watch. The Seiko Monster has a lot of variations, the two most common are the black and orange dial versions with stark white hour marks. The Seiko Monster is not the type of dressy desk-diver’s watch, you should not treat it as a fashion item, but a extreme tool watch instead.

Seiko Men's SRP309 Classic Automatic Dive Watch

SRP309 – Seiko Orange Monster Generation 2 – What makes it different from the first Monster?

Seiko Monster dive watches have been favored for many years. Following this success, the Japanese watchmaker establish an upgraded version of this series, called the Monster Generation two. These new Monsters have some great functional improvements without major changes in design. Seiko aimed to label the Monsters as bulky-duty watches. The Orange model with stainless steel bracelet is the most typical for the series’ notion. So in this review, I select the Seiko Orange Monster SRP309 to be the reviewed sample


  • vastly robust finish
  • LumiBrite technology
  • ISO 6425 certified
  • Highly -exact & hand-winding 4R36 Caliber


  • Does not suitable many kinds of outfits, lack of dressy look.

Design – An armored dive watch

Straight, the Seiko Orange Monster is a real armored tool watch, its sturdy finish may not be worthy with daily wear, but this tank-like design is norm for a scuba diving watch. Although the Seiko Monster looks like a heavy watch in pictures, it actually has a accurate size.

Featuring a 43mm case, the watch is adequate for a wide range of wrists. The orange tone makes the dial looks fresh and vivid, but it also steals the delicate appearance from the watch. The Black Monster SRP307 has a more neutral tone, but it lacks a uncommon impress.

outbound from the watch face is the sloped unidirectional bezel. Despite its tough exterior, this bezel is awfully smooth and well damped in operation, the hollows around the frame make for a nice grip. The engraved timing marks are painted in black, contrast with the brushed stainless steel bezel to provide superior legibility. The luminous pip lines up excellent well with the 12 o’clock marker.

The new Seiko Monster SRP309 is also called “Vampire” due to its teeth-shaped luminous hour marks. This is one of the biggest variety in design between the original Orange Monster- SKX781 and its tradition model – SRP309. The 3 o’clock position is assumed with a day/date aperture.

Unlike Orient dive watches which have an monopolistic crown for weekday adjustment, Seiko dive watches only have one crown for anything, from day/date adjustment to time setting, and even manual movement-winding. The versatile screw-down crown is positioned at 4 o’clock. It is outline-knurled instead of being ridged like that of the old SKX781.

The 20mm metal bracelet does not taper down from the lug to the clasp. The case-to-bracelet transition is very sleek thanks to the thick-set lugs, lending integration to the watch’s body.

cohesive the links is the pin-and-collar system, which is safe and reliable, but also hard to adjust. Since the Monster is designed to be a pro diver’s watch, it features a double fold-over clasp with two pushers to better avoid any accidental detachment underwater.

When you take on a wetsuit, in all probability, the band will get too tight-fitting. Therein, the diver’s extent next to the clasp would help you to broaden the band a little small. The diver’s extension suffice to show Seiko’s intention to build the Orange Monster as a fully featured dive watch, not just a desk-diver’s timepiece.

The Monster’s overall design is rather tough, but it doesn’t mean Seiko didn’t pay attention to details. For example, take a appearance at the whole watch and you can see the sophisticated blend of the brushed and polished metal surfaces.

The most vulnerable parts, such as the bezel top and the bracelet’s outward links, get brushed for the avoidance of minor scratches. The bezel’s lateral and the inner links, on the other hand, have polished rear to add some appealing flares to the watch.

because of its boisterous look, the Seiko Orange Monster can only fit in excellent with sporty outfits, it’s not worthy with formal wear. For those who do not like the stock band, an orange fabric or bright-color calfskin strap are also nice options.

SO6425-certified, the Seiko Monster is a true scuba diving watch

ISO 6425 standard is a set of environment required for a typical diver’s watch. All of the Seiko’s dive watches have been put through this test, that’s why Seiko can aloof mark their products as “diver’s 200m” instead of “water resistance 660 ft”.

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