Citizen Men’s JY8035-04E “Navihawk” Watch Review

Citizen Men’s JY8035-04E “Navihawk” Watch Review

When it appear to men’s sports watches, one of the most general recurring themes in the design of such pieces is how proudly they communicate an active lifestyle. There are, of course, many many ways to skin this cat. At one extremely, you have very stripped down most minimalist watches that have just one feature. These watches work because of the weight and ability of these units’ brand. On the other end of the spectrum are watches that are chock-complete of measuring devices, read outs, and controls and buttons on the side. Think of these as all-in-one measuring devices that often don’t just measure the time but also deliver many other data points about the world around you. The Citizen Men’s JY8035-04E “Navihawk” clearly falls into this camp.

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch, JY8035-04E

The great  thing about the JY8035-04E is almost nothing is left to your imagination. You get at least six different readings. Compass, chronograph, you name it. To top it all off, this unit is spectacular at night thanks to its luminous feature. At last, you don’t have to wonder about having to hike to town if you’re in the middle of the excellent outdoors to find a battery to restore the juice to your timepiece. Powered by the sun, this eco-drive powered sports watch is great for the long haul. Talk about convenience!

Design: Men’s Stylish Sportswatch

If you are looking for a smooth, minimalist, highly subtle and adaptable sport swatch that plays up the ‘luxury’ brand behind it, the Navihawk isn’t for you. It’s not all posing or positioning, it’s all about results. Many watch design naturalist might even dismiss the ‘packed’ look of this watch as ‘busy’ but that is exactly what you should without from people who miss the point of sports watches. Real sports watches are all focused on one thing and one thing alone: giving you the data you necessity to maximize your outdoor experience. In short, they have to be all about data and they have to do this within a compact stage and tight package. The Citizen Navihawk clearly does a good job of this.

Movement Type: Japanese Quartz

This unit has both an analog show and digital location readouts among others. It really offers the best of both worlds-precision, multiple information points, and a solid compact design. Thanks to its Japanese quartz technology for movement, you are sure of smooth and efficient operation.

Special Features: 200 meter water resistance and multiple displays

If you want your buddy and co-workers to see how active of a lifestyle you lead or that you like a rugged action-driven lifestyle, this watch hits the ball out of the park. solemnly. Not only is it packed with all sorts of measurements, everything appear together within a tight water resistant package. This watch has you covered up to a depth of 660 ft

If you are going diving or going camp near the water, the Citizen Navihawk should be at or near the peak of your options. This watch is no joke. Given that it ships for the under $500, it is also fully a steal for a watch of its class, feature set, and brand level.

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