Citizen AO9000-06B Eco-Drive Casual Watch Review

Citizen AO9000-06B Eco-Drive Casual Watch Review

If you are looking for a dependable, sensible, good-looking yet understated watch, you clearly need to give this timepiece a look. Asides from the truth that you can say good-bye to winding your Citizen Men’s AO9000-06B Eco-Drive Casual Watch thanks to its eco-drive solar-driven power source, this watch get so much more to the table. It offer you a lot of pliancy when accessorizing your outfit.

Citizen AO9000-06B Eco-Drive Casual Watch

One of the most initial rules of watch selection is to pick a timepiece that would not just go with the real design of your wardrobe pieces, your watch taste must also help accessorize your appearance, poise, and bearing in a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings. The excellent  thing about the AO9000-06B is that you can look nice in a very wide range of settings. After all, you don’t have to always offer people the impression that you are the arduous mountain climbing trail biking type, right? If you see yourself costs most of your time indoors or in a work or home setting, this watch should be a excellent  fit for you. You can wear fully a range of semi-formal, work casual, and business outfits with the Citizen Men’s AO9000-06B and look excellent . How’s that for accessory power?

Design: Casual Indoor

You don’t have to be a accurate blue preppy to appreciate the classic elements of this watch with its great numeric fonts and clean stainless steel lines. There is a feeling of solidity, calm, and durability you get with this time piece’s classic analog shown. Also, it appear with blue minute and hour hands. It may be calm, cool, and aggregate but it isn’t boring. The blue tinge of the hand pieces improve this watch’s calming effect on the eyes.

Movement Style: Japanese Quartz

Thanks to Japanese technology, quartz watch battery features are more dependable than ever. You can rest sure that the quartz movement of your Citizen AO9000-06B will operate fluidly for a very very long time. Why? Eco-drive technology. Citizen unleashes the power of the sun so you can at last be free of having to replace your quartz watch every once in a while. alternately, this timepiece can continue to run on and on except you having to stop and wind it or replace quartz battery pieces. Talk about tranquility of mind

truly, the environmentally amicable eco-drive feature of this watch adds to the feeling of ease one gets with this time piece. Not only can you wear it in a wide range of settings, you don’t have to concern about running out of battery power or automatic winding power in those settings.

Special Features: Day and Date Feature

This is such a tidy value-packed watch that many people looking at your watch for the 1st time might get distracted and think that you are packing a chronometer or stopwatch feature. Those 2 smaller units on your watch face tell you the day and the date of the month. Excellent nifty and very practical.

If you are looking for a prudent-looking, practical watch that doesn’t grab the spotlight but still makes a very positive impact, you need to give the AO9000-06B a thorough look over. This watch responsibility,oozes stability, and focus. This timepiece is clearly a excellent  choice for people who take care of business and get things done.

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