Promo codes for Alexa smart bulb and smart plug by Amazon

Amazon now offers promo codes for buying Alexa smart bulb and smart plug. Promo code ‘SMART10’ is available to redeem a $10 smart device with the buy of LIFX mini Wi-Fi smart LED bulb or Wemo mini WI-FI smart plug. Promo code ‘SMART20’ offered for an extra 20% off when buying an Alexa smart bulb or plug including the most popular Sendled smart led bulb, TP-link smart plug, Kasa smart camera, Ring smart cam, and more. These two promo codes are exclusive to Amazon Echo devices and Sonos One owners. Offer valid in a limited time. Click to apply the promo code to save for Alexa smart bulb and smart plug right now >>> available through 11:59 p.m. June 28, 2019.