Top 10 Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Top 10 Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Construction workers expend their day entirely immersed in the strenuous physical tasks laid out before them, requiring full intentness and effort in order to finish the tasks at hand. With this, it is significant that they remain focused and not confused with any other thoughts specially regarding to what they wear.

In this article, we will talk the most durable watches for construction workers. Not only will this free the workers from thinking about the terms of their timepiece, but are also optimized according to their demands  with regards to timekeeping, making it less of a task than a 2 nature when they read time

Most Durable Digital Watches For Construction Workers

Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

durable watches for construction workers


Cool, heavy, and sturdy, the Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Rangeman is a nice choice for construction workers. Created to withstand the toughest of conditions, it’s a accurate fit to bring even on rough days at work.

It boasts the Triple ten technology which proves its fitness as an on-site companion. Its ease of use is also a key benefit that helps lessen the burden of a learning curve when using the watch.


  •  Lightweight design despite its seemingly heavy appearance
  • Triple ten concept reinforces its promise of sturdiness and functionality
  • Triple Sensors make the timepiece great for travels or for construction works at far places where navigation is required
  • 660 feet water resistance provides greater level of protection against accidental dips


  • Resin strap may not be like by some users

The design of the Rangeman features a arduous black resin band and bezel, accented with streaks of red and grey at the dial and crown. It features the resin band but exploit metallic textured pushers and case back.


Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Mens Watch GWF1000-1

Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Mens Watch GWF1000-1

The Casio Men’s Frogman is expressly something to consider. It is simple, strong, and rugged, all fit for work. Add the shock resistance and water resistance makes it a excellent  choice for being brought on site for construction workers.

Being easy to work with, you won’t have to disquiet bumping this timepiece around as it can withstand most of them


  • Features basic essential data for fast use
  • Atomic Timekeeping helps keep exact time
  • 200m water resistance helps against prolonged water exposure


  • Band look and design may be too heavy and monotonous for users
  • absence more features makes it too simple

Provide  the most basic, yet dependable features of a timepiece, it can withstand certain shocks and has a arduous look that fits construction workers’ labor-intensive workload.

Looking at the Frogman, it is expressly designed to be a rugged timepiece. A stainless steel case and bezel is utilized and is safeguard by the resin band and bezel.

It features a simple digital dial that display the date and time. With its looks and safety features, it can be quite heavy for some.

For its features, it is solar-powered and shock resistant. manifest with its design, it is meant to withstand sturdy work situations and survive several shocks while remaining in best shape.

A  660 feet water resistance reinforces its durability. Not only water resistance, it has more leading features to work as a real dive watch under deep water. If your job consists long hours of working under water, this is a excellent  choice for you.

Atomic Timekeeping aids keep accurate time. It also features a tide and moon data for trips outdoors.

Casio G-Steel GST-S110-1ACR

Casio Men's 'G SHOCK' Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch, ColorBlack (Model GST-S110-1ACR

Striking and sturdy, the Casio G-Steel offers a great level of defense while remaining easy to wear on different settings.

It is a excellent  watch for construction workers, but it focus  its flexibility in design as it can be fetched in other events as well. The stability against shocks and accidental dips in water is a testament to its sturdy, making it excellent to own.


  • Smooth look of Stainless Steel on a sturdy timepiece
  • Flexible design adjust  any occasion, not just for work at construction sites
  • Layered Toughness adds secure while being beautifully-designed
  • 660ft water resistance makes it suitable for light swims


  • Watch may be a bit big for some users

The black and silver toned timepiece can be purchase to tough site conditions as its engineered steel design can withstand busy sites while provide multiple features.

The usual appearance of G-Shock features resin bands and bezels for their overall design. The G-Steel takes in the G-Shock’s stability and adds its distinctive smooth steel design.

realize the idea of ‘Layered Toughness’, it features a high-quality, shock-resistant metallic body that offers protection and aesthetics at the same time.

Featuring the idea Layered Toughness, the G-Steel offers the same robust as the G-Shock while being encapsulated in a metallic body. This multi-layered strength is confirm  by a layer of resin underneath, with the steel on top.

It is solar-powered and shock-resistant, efficient of withstanding different hits in construction sites. 660 feet water resistance gives a high level of defense.

Suunto Core All Black – Military

Suunto Core All Black – Military

unique  simple and smart, the Suunto Core Altimeter is expressly a timepiece worth purchase. It offers the basic stability of an outdoor watch yet offers a lot of features that makes it usable on multiple occasions.

It can be fetched to construction sites, but it shines with outdoor usage with its multi-functionality. If you want an outdoor watch that has a lot to provide with a charming design, then this is for you.


  • Unique and smooth look excellent for sites and outdoors
  • Multi-featured makes it worthy for all outdoor trips
  • Smart timepiece coupled with stability and aesthetic design
  • 100 feet water resistance offers basic water protection


  • Lighting may not be too shiny for nighttime use

Provide a more flexible look for a timepiece while being robust, it fits the stylish side of a strong watch. It is also packed with different features that are helpful both at site and at outdoor trips.

An striking and minimalistic take on a sturdy timepiece, the Suunto Core Altimeter features a charmingly unique design. Integrating the case and the bezel in one material, the watch provide  a different take on usual watch designs.

introduce  in a plastic case with a black color tone, it is expressly sporty, yet simple at the same time.

The next half of the timepiece’s trinket is with its multiple features. Including the three main outdoor features of Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass, the watch is already a force.

Sunrise and sunset presets aids you know daylight conditions for over 400 locations. Utmost weather conditions and changes in clot notify you of any potential storms nearby.

Most Durable Analog Watches For Construction Workers

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT4010-50E Titanium Perpetual

The modern and polished Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono AT is expressly a timepiece you should consider. With its robustness, functions, and looks, it is a nice watch to have for construction workers.

Its flexible design makes it easy to carrying in any occasion and suit with any style you have.Outdoor, casual, and formal events fit the watch design fully, making this timepiece a go-to watch for all your urgent.


  • Modern and smooth look makes it perfect for any formal and informal trips
  • Design and color tones are easy to pair up with any style
  • Robust materials make it perfect for tough site conditions
  • 200m water resistance gives it high level of defense against water pressure


  • Dial may be a bit little for some users

The design of the eternal Chrono AT presents an elegant watch, build  of a titanium case and link bracelet. This smooth appearance makes it shine out with its charm.

As a steel timepiece, it is silver and black toned, accurate for any style you want. It also fits all occasions, from casual walks, construction work, to outdoor trips, and even formal rally with its modern look.

For its functions, it has a lot to provide on the table. Atomic Timekeeping offer it precise and perfect readings, keeping you in track of true time. Synchronized time in five time zones helps keep track of proper time.

A perpetual calendar aid keep track of the day and 1-second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes. A power stock indicator lets you know how the timepiece is doing.

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CASIO Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek Smart

CASIO Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek Smart

If you’re searching for a sporty, yet smart timepiece that has tons of helpful functions, then the Casio Protrek Smart is a best option for you.

Besides the basic functions of timepieces, this smart watch also aid give you updates about your surroundings, making it a helpful outdoor companion. It’s also easy to lovers with due to the neutral color scheme of the timepiece.


– Sporty design makes it a nice outdoor watch

– Multi-functional makes it a best tool to bring at work or at travels

– 165 Feet water resistance gives it basic protection against accidental falls in water


– Battery life may be a little shorter than usual because of multiple functions


What makes a good construction worker’s watch?


Due to the sturdy site conditions faced on a daily basis by construction workers, sturdiness and innate potency is the most important quality of their watches.

It should be created  with high quality materials that would confirm it does not fall apart without even being exposed too much in site. It has to be build of quality materials that are combined specifically for tough site use.

Easy to Use

It is a known fact that construction work is very exhausting both for the body and mind. Owning a watch should be a convenience, confirm that it keeps its promise of delivering perfect time while not being much of a distraction while working. Ease of use confirm a fast glimpse of the watch gives you the info you want immediately.

Easy to Read

One major attribute of ease of use is its readability. As construction workers have a lot to do on-site, it is necessary to own a timepiece that can easily be read except much effort at all. This proficiency makes it easy to own and bring a watch to work. It helps tell time, while not irritatingly hard to read.


To be able to keep up with the everyday lifestyle of a construction worker, the watch has to be capable  to withstand scratches, shocks, and even accidental dips in water as the site may be wet. Having a timepiece that you won’t always have to worry about is already the best one to have.

Water Resistance

Besides the current ground work, construction workers sometimes have to work at wet sites. These places needs a greater level of protection for their timepieces. This makes water resistance an important aspect of owning a watch. This confirm it does not fail when the site is wet or when it rains.

Has Some Necessary Features

There are various features that are considered must-haves for smart watches. GPS is one accurate example. Besides construction workers, this commonly helps everybody from getting lost when traveling alone.

altimeters, barometers,Weather trackers, and compasses also help keep you aware of your environment, and ready you for potential incoming storms.

Fits your Style

Besides the current functionality, it is also important to have a watch that you know would fit your overall look. When on site or when traveling, it is best to have a timepiece that can match most of your outfits to confirm that it can complement what you wear and make you look your best.


In this article, we talked about some of the most strong watches for construction workers. It is important to know what you want in a watch and what type of construction work you do.

Sometimes, most of these watches fit the general construction work. However, there are certain times where the site terms becomes especially challenging that a type of watch in this list is more recommended than the others.

Make assured to choose wisely according to your personal favor, features that you want to have, style that you wish to sport, and the budget you allot for the watch.

Whatever your elected  in this list is definitely a win. It all really boils down to how you feel you would use the timepiece to maximize its full potential.

Top 3 Vintage Peugeot Watches Reviewed

Top 3 Vintage Peugeot Watches Reviewed

Peugeot has been redefining the fashion tendency for more than 6 decades with its classic watches, luxurious, stylish and handcrafted watches. The skill to translate fashion tendency in to eye catching timepieces has earned a sound reputation for Peugeot as a effectual brand nationwide. The vintage watches of Peugeot are a accurate blend of traditional styles with latest technology. These watches have build alive the classic styles of past eras with modern watch techniques. The Peugeot vintage watches like its other watches are symbol of class loved by original watch lovers.

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3 Best Selling Vintage Peugeot Watches

Following are my recommended and selected top three Vintage Peugeot Watches that must checkout:

1- Peugeot Vintage 14K Gold Plated Watch 380-14

Peugeot vintage watch with white leather band and stylish dial is a classic timepiece worthy for any occasion. The simple and stylish dial with golden rectangular case and round numeral dial makes it a high fashion polished timepiece. The roman markers, soft suitable strap, quartz movement and a life time guarantee are the main attractions of this vintage watch of Peugeot.

  • A mix of white and gold worthy for formal as well as casual occasions
  • Soft leather strap of calfskin fit for wrist of size six inches to eight inches
  • White simple dial with golden roman hour marks
  • 3 golden arms to show time in analog way
  • High exactness and precision of time assurance by Japanese Quartz movement
  • Onion shaped crown to adjust the movement of the arms
  • Backed by limited guarantee for lifetime and free replacement of battery from the manufacturer

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2- Peugeot Vintage Slim Mesh Dress Watch with Sun Moon Phase Face

A simple and classically designed watch, Peugeot ladies slim mesh attractive watch, with silver oval case and blue dial is a accurate timepiece for everyday routine. The dial is decorated with an arch shaped sub dial to display phases of moon above and a date window below the hands. The stylish meshy bracelet band of the watch can fit to wrists of all sizes with its adjustable clasp. This watch is undoubtedly a especial and impressive timepiece.

The key highlights of the watch are

  • tiny silver toned barrel dial case with two stepped bezel design
  • A meshy bracelet band built of stainless steel with adjustable buckle
  • Blue dial with silver numeral and teardrop hour marks and hands
  • Arch shaped lunar window above the needles to show the rotation of sun, star and moon
  • tiny silver date window at the position of 6O’clock
  • Mineral crystal dial security window
  • Highly accurate due to quartz movement
  • Water resistant up to 99 Feet
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

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3- Peugeot Leather Doctor Nurse Vintage Watch

Peugeot doctor nurse vintage watch is the reproduced model of the doctor’s watch from 1930’s constructed for health professionals. The sweep second hand at the lower end of the dial helps in measuring heart rate with high ease. Gold plated (14K) slim crank dial case rounded by brown grain leather alligator strap is a highly fashionable timepiece in a very affordable price.

  • Gold plated curved watch case with a crown placed on side at upper third part
  • Easily readable white dial with little details
  • Vintage styled hour marks and O hands
  • Sweep second hand on the bottom of the dial
  • Brown alligator leather strap with soft inner lining
  • dependable quartz movement
  • Manufacturer limited warranty for lifetime and battery change

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Are Peugeot Watches Good? Detailed Explanation

Are Peugeot Watches Good? Detailed Explanation

Fashion watches are becoming an essential accessory for both women and man   these days. Peugeot has exemplified this trend more than other watch brands. The high quality and stylish designs in a moderate worth has made Peugeot watches a wearable accessory for daily routine. The both men and women watches are a best addition to the wardrobe except bothering their budget. Peugeot watches are undoubtedly better enough to make the day of the person wearing it.

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Why Are Peugeot Watches Among Best Watches In The Market?

There are many cause for the popularity and excellent reputation of Peugeot watches. Some of these are explained below:

1- Luxurious Fashion Watches

After twenty two years working in watch industry the Peugeot expanded their collection and rapt in to the market of fashion timepieces. Since then this watch brand is humorous the world with trendy and sophisticated styles that suit every occasion of women and men  . Peugeot has provided both the men and women with good trendy timepieces that compliment every of apparel in their wardrobe.

2- Intriguing Styles

With the progress in watch industry a watch is not only a timepiece anymore but a fashion tendency. Additionally the fashion tendency change with place and time so that a single watch is not enough to withstand each of your occasions and dresses. A casual watch with leather straps is not the timepiece for a formal event; similarly a rose gold toned metallic watch is not built to compliment your casual appearance. Peugeot considers all of these regard while designing watches and offering a wide range of watches to the society from casual to formal, silver tone to gold tone, vintage to modern, leather band to metallic band, monotone to two tones and much more as per you desire.

3- Wide Range

The taste of various persons varies with respect to gender, place, occasion and fashion trends. A single accessory is not enough to fulfill all the necessity of men and women in this modern age of fashion. Peugeot construction a wide range of timepieces to accommodate the need of everyone from young adults to oldies. Vintage Peugeot watches, ceramic, gold plated and stainless steel watches are various collections from the brand to fit in the wardrobe of any watch lover.

Recommended Peugeot Watch#2 – Peugeot Women’s 14K Gold Plated Tank Leather Dress Watch:

This is one the best gold plated watches from Peugeot:

4- Swiss Quartz Movement

The label Swiss Quartz is the pledge of higher precision and exactness of time in any watch. Peugeot watches are Swiss quartz that means the movement is construct and manages in Switzerland. This label rise the goodwill of the brand as it confirm that these watches undoubtedly offer the accurate time to great extent.

5- Quality assurance

Peugeot has been offering a wide collection of timepieces to men and women since last sixty years. The styles and functions of the watches have been changed with the passage of time as per the changing tendency but the thing never changed is the quality of the Peugeot watches. These watches have been maintaining a high level of quality since its creation that is un-matchable. The best quality material makes these timepieces a durable and must try item.

Recommended Peugeot Watch#3 – Peugeot Women Rose Gold Bracelet Boyfriend Watch with Crystal Bezel

6- Low price

No matter what the value of Peugeot watch is, the branded quality remains the same for all of the timepieces. usually the quality of any product is judged by the price, higher the cost higher the quality but this philosophy is not right in case of Peugeot watches as this brand believes in offering high quality in cheap budget. You can have a best classic Peugeot watch with high quality and features in with no burden on your pocket.

Citizen Hello Kitty Watches Top 3 Reviewed

Citizen Hello Kitty Watches Top 3 Reviewed

Hello Kitty has summed up with the top standard features of top watch brand, Citizens, to build Hello Kitty watch collection for Hello Kitty lovers. This stylish watch series delight women with beautiful dial face featuring Kitty as well as quality features the brand Citizen is known for. Hello Kitty watch series is specifically famous in teen girls due to its cool pink color and equipped dial. The brand name of Citizen and the quartz movement adds to the cost of the watch as well. You may also be interested in top three Citizen gold plated watches for men.

1- Hello Kitty HK07-130 Quartz Ladies Watch

The frilly pink HK07-130 ladies watch from Citizen Hello Kitty collection is the tempo of high quality features guaranteed by Citizen and stylish look. This quartz watch has an eye catching dial face with large  Kitty face and stylish details. The blend of silver with pink raise the look of the watch and makes it a funky casual watch.


  • Girlish pink color with touch of silver
  • Round silver dial with pink dial face
  • Big Kitty face in the centre of the dial
  • Stylish dotted and numeral hour marks
  • Two hands for hours and minutes
  • Pink leather strap with buckle closure
  • High precision of time with quartz movement
  • Water resistant

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2- Citizen Q & Q Hello Kitty Wrist Watch VQ 75-430

A good timepiece from the Hello Kitty collection of Citizen, VQ 75-430, is powered by quartz movement with analog display. The whole watch is toned as pink that makes it extremely girlish as well as fit for casual hangouts. The stylish pink dial encased in plastic casing with Hello Kitty and lots of details is the striking feature of the watch. Same toned plastic strap with buckle closure offer a sound grip adding a plus to the style and attraction of this timepiece.


  • Monochromatic watch in pink color
  • Pink round dial with inverted bezel of same color
  • Hello Kitty on dial face with luminous hands
  • Luminous oval and heart shaped hour marks
  • Minute markers along the outer rim of the dial
  • Pink plastic strap with buckle closure
  • Suitable quartz movement with analog display
  • strong plastic material
  • Reliable for water recreations and diving with 10 ATM water pressure resistance

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3- Citizen Hello Kitty Ladies Wrist Watch VQ 75-230

Girl’s love Hello Kitty has teamed with Citizen watch brand in a stylish way in model VQ 75-230 of Hello Kitty collection. The watch is constructed in two tones of pink. The mix of light and dark tone of pink gives a unique look to this timepiece. Colorful dial with Hello Kitty pic on dial face and stylishly represented hour marks are the pretty and attraction of the watch. Additionally the luminous hands make the dial easily readable even in dark.


  • Large round pink dial with light pink dial face and bezel
  • Hello Kitty on dial face with luminous hrs/min/sec hands
  • Bar shaped and numeral hour marks
  • Dotted, bar and numeral minute markers on dial case
  • Plastic strap with buckle for fastening
  • Reliable timekeeping with quartz movement
  • Waterproof as can withstand 10 ATM water pressure

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7 Best watches under 10 dollars For You In 2020

Best watches under 10 dollars

Looking  Best watches under 10 dollars, We will have the 10 best lists for all sorts of ranges of watches.  We will be doing best watches under lists for various brands, and also for several styles.

So, for the 1st t post, here on the Best watches under 10 dollars, we will be doing the Best watches under 10 dollars.
I hope you joy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

The 10 Best watches under 10 dollars


Case: Plastic
Band width: 20 millimeters
Movement: Quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance:

Casio Men’s MQ24-7B2 Analog Watch with Black Resin Band  one of the best selling  watches  Amazon  Watch Category. Its has offer 35 mm plastic case . Black resin band with buckle closure .Amazon sells it for under 10 dollars.

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Dial color : Black
Item Shape : Round
Movement: Analog quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance:


I have another nice best watch  for you Brand JOESON LEADERS WOMEN DRESS PARTY FASHION QUARTZ WATCH Boy Gift Men Sports Watches. Get this watch under $10 From Amazon. Its has offer Comfortable Bracelet Band .Its Suitable for Unisex

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Model: LCD100648
Dial Color: Brown
Dial Case Diameter: 1.5 inch / 3.9 cm
Movement: Quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Battery:1 LR44 batteries required.
Water resistance:


I find this watch for around 6 dollars. Amazon sells it for under 10 dollars. placing it well under the 10 dollar price limit, set for this group of watches.come with a black gift bag printed Lancardo. Stainless steel watch back cover.

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KIOP Men’s Luxury Fashion Faux Leather Mens Blue Ray Glass Quartz Analog Watches




It keeps perfect time, it’s always in sync with my laptop’s clock,Nice looking watch for the price.Nicely crafted and my son loves it.The nice leather-like band makes it very comfortable when wearing it

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Women watch,SMTSMT Women’s Quartz Dial Leather Wrist Watch Round Case-Black


This watch is elegant and keeps excellent time,Great price and looks nice on.Beautiful watch with adjustable band.Very  nice watch for lady  fits the everyday look

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Leoy88 Women Watch Braided Wrist Rhinestone Analog Quartz Watch Best watches Under 10 Dollar



It was very pretty, very cheap in the way it looked and made. It is a watch with an adjustable chain and lobster clasp. Very fancy dress watch for most occasion. The design is exquisite.It makes a perfect gift.

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OrangeTag Rose Gold Plated Women’s Elegant Rhinestone Bracelet Quartz Watch Fashion Lad…

This watch has held up very well.It’s so lightweight and comfortable that at times. It;s a quality item at an affordable price. Looks cute and stylish.! It was inexpensive and surprisingly

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10 Best Watches For Teenage Boys Cool Watches For Teens

10 Best Watches For Teenage Boys Cool Watches For Teens

Hello everybody, today we’re going to take a look at 10 of the best inexpensive watches for teenage boys. There are so many various watches available it can clearly be very difficult to pick the right one. So I decided to put this list together to display the 10 coolest watches for teens. Whether they like  minimalist watches, digital watches, or sports watches you’ll find something for all boy featured below.

To make it easier to mantle read through this list of the top watches for teenage boys, we’ve added an ‘reasonably priced  option’ into the titles of the cheaper watches to highlight that they are a more inexpensive watch. These watches still offer nice  value for money and are well cost checking out if you’re on a prudent budget.

  1. Casio Sport Watch(Affordable option)

Best digital Casio Sport Watch Under $50

Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES

This is a very solid time piece. It is very easy to use and gorgeous pleasing. Easy to adjust and easy to set the time. The night light is nice  as well. it’s very reasonably priced and high quality.It has a water resistance of 200 m , or 660 Feet .Its has offer 1-year warranty.This watch is norm for teens who prefer a sports style watch. Casio is a too much  popular brand for teenagers because their affordability and high-quality build.

2. Daniel Wellington 0103DW

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Very nice  looking classic watch.The nato band is shiny too.The strap is exceptionally comfortable.The quality and workmanship is superb! .It has a Daniel Wellington , quartz movement.They built these beautifully designed low key timepieces that are awfully popular amount teens and young adults.These are accurate if you’re looking for a smart watch for a teenage.

3. Timex T49962 (Affordable option)

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It’s light  weight, easy to read and extremely rugged.Nice style and quality at a very reasonable price.Ideal for the teenager who like being outdoors adventuring, this simple yet effect watch from Timex offers you fair worth for money.

4. Bulova 96B104 (Affordable option)

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Bulova may be perfect for teenager. Its  simple and elegant. its comfortable leather strap. It’s a very  excellent  looking timepiece and great value for money. it’s light, face is durable

5. Invicta 8926


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Invicta 8926 is a too much  popular watch among teenagers and adults.Quality is excellent, everything works. water proof  and is very solid built. It is easy to read, easy to adjust  

6.Seiko Men’s SNK809 (Affordable option)

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This is another affordable teenagers watch from Seiko. It looks the part of a divers watch but at 30-metre water resistance.  It’s a cheap and cheerful option that looks really great  in my opinion.

7.Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E

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This is nice Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive for teenagers.Its 5 year warranty and no battery replacement.Clean style, simple, sporty, and functional. Its durable, accurate and reliable.

8. Fossil Men’s CH2565

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High quality build and nice design.It’s very tough,it’s a very casual watch that looks great and nice leather strap.They focus on style and are make nice  watches for teenagers


I hope you tasted having a look through are 10 best watches for a teenager. With any fortune, you’ll have a bit easier time choosing the right timepiece. As always let me know what you idea of these most recommended watches for teenage boys in the comment section below.

Casio-G100-1BV Men Watch Review


Casio-G100-1BV Men Watch Review

Model: G100-1BV
Material :Resin
Clasp :Buckle
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance:200M


Casio-G100-1BV Men Watch one of the best watches under 100 dollar , Men’s love this watch because it’s looking gorgeous and fashionable. They keep time exactly and are sturdy




Positive Review:

A very great  watch. Setting the watch is exactly you have to hold down a pusher and wait for the hour hand to spin around  until you reach the actual time. The watch is surely comfortable, light and you do not even know you are wearing it. I take it in the shower and in the clay–nothing can destroy these watches. Nice  value for the money!

The styling of the watch is not for any one, however. This watch has a very robust, prepared-for-anything kind of look that I love, without being over the top. It is a bit  thicker than other digital watches, owing to its panoply-like exterior, but this is very exquisite. Also, this watch does not have an overly huge  dial, as has become pop in watch styling lately. But I take disclosure with the many reviews that have described this watch as “small.” These are fair customers who were looking for the aforecited  large dial styling. I am 6’3” with big wrists and hands, and I don’t think the watch is small for me at all . At the end of the day, it’s a very normal watch size.
Great robust  watch. Been wearing daily  now for about 6 months. Stays on in the shower, changing the oil, working outside,swimming in the lake, hunting, etc. So far held up great, anything that gets on it cleans up goodly. Glass has taken some blow, and still looks new. Excellent  green light on the digital portion is easy to see at night. As other stated, when the hands are down in the digital area it is hard to see, but I don’t rely on the digital very  so its a minor issue with me. Happy  I purchased.
Great tough  watch. The small display at the bottom of the watch face can be robust  to see but you simply hit the light button and it’s no issue. The is a nice  watch if you have a smaller wrist. It’s not the Big  size face of the other G-Shock watches. So far, it’s kept very exact time. I can recommend this one.

In rank of functionality, everything works, but you will perhaps have to look at the direction manual at least once to figure it out. After that, using the functions of the watch is easy. I don’t worry about the watch in terms of fixity because it is G-Shock. Water resistant to 660 Feet and obviously built to withstand shocks to the casing of the watch.
1) Super light weight. I was concerned at 1st  because I thought it would be heavy and bulky . It is amazingly light and has a very solid feel to it. The band is too much  comfortable and robust . I’ve sweaty in this thing several times and it does not leave a ugly smell like the leather bands.
2) Durable. I have already clink it into  door jams,desk corners. It has been with me during drunken nights.
4) Easy to use.  adjusting time zones,Setting the time. Super easy.
I absolutely like  this watch! It fits very great , and it is vastly durable! I take showers with it when I am solo.I am always clink my wrist against something. This watch has been through very much and still functions like new. It still looks extreme! The only thing I wish was diverse.
This is a simple gift for a man who would messily bump and hit the watch against various surfaces, The time changing/keeping could have been more suitably  set.
This is an great  watch, but not for everybody because is small. The G-shock series is used widely by the military, because is exceptionally well built and durable, and it uses only mighty quality materials, It’s also very light and comfortable.

Negative Review

This is a bit  smaller for my medium size wrist. Quality of watch is good. I would extremely recommend this for school kids for its hardness and digital/analog display.
Nice watch, but it’s difficult to read, so bring your reading glasses along. Also, not too much  easy to set the analogue time. expressly a young man’s sports watch.

Invicta 14878 review

Invicta 14878 review

Model: INVICTA-14878
Case:  Stainless steel
Band width : 22 millimeters
Movement:Japanese quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance:165 Feet

Invicta 14878 review

INVICTA-14878   one of the best watches under 100 dollar , Men’s love this watch because it’s looking gorgeous and fashionable. This watch is more great  when it’s in your hands .The band feels light. It is elegant . It has a Invicta, Japanese quartz movement. Yellow gold color looks great. It is a very dark navy. It has a water resistance of 50 m , or 165 Feet .Its has offer 1-year warranty

I find this watch for around $90.  Amazon sells it for under 100 dollars. placing it well under the 100 dollar price limit, set for this group of watches. The blue face is metallic and in some lights may look a little purple but surely blue

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Invicta 6620 ii review

Invicta 6620 ii review

Model: Invicta 6620 ii
Case:  Stainless steel
Band width :11 millimeters
Movement: Swiss quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance:330 Feet

Invicta 6620 ii review

Invicta 6620 ii one of the best watches under100 dollar , Men’s love this watch because it’s looking gorgeous and fashionable. It’s the perfect size . Not too heavy. Not too light.The fit and finish on this watch is great . It has a Invicta,Swiss quartz movement. It is solid, quality, heavy, and very nice looking. .It has a water resistance of 100 m , or 330 Feet .What this basically means, suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving .Its has offer 1-year warranty

I find this watch for around $73.  Amazon sells it for under 100 dollars. placing it well under the 100 dollar price limit, set for this group of watches.very classy and pretty

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