Top 4 Popular Japanese Watchmakers That You Can Trust

Top 4 Popular Japanese Watchmakers That You Can Trust

It’s not stretch to say that Japan – The Land of Rising Sun has help to cause a lot to the development of the world’s watchmaking company  for decades. It is home to many well-liked watch brands that are well-known not only in Asia but also all over the world.

When it appear to Japanese watches, products constructed by Seiko,  Orient,Citizen, and Casio are always among the best like  regarding price and quality, making them top 4 popular Japanese watchmakers.

In this post, we are going to learn the highlights of these famed watch producers, from their history, technology, featured achievements, to signature products. Let’s begin!!!

Popular Japanese Watchmakers


Seiko watch brand now associate to Seiko Holdings Corporation. Back to the year 1881, Seiko start its business in Ginza, Tokyo as a jewelery shop. Eleven years later, the company launch producing clocks under the name Seikosha.

Until 1924, the very first watches build under the Seiko brand came out in the market.

Another great milestone in the history of Seiko came in 1969 with the introduction of Astron, which’s the first quartz wristwatch in the world.

In 1986, Seiko released its Kinetic watch which’s the first one to shift kinetic energy to electric energy.

For more than 130 years in watchmaking business, Seiko, as a lead innovator, has transformed the watch industry by anecdotal technological creations and inventions. Specially, as considering energy shift and environmentally-friendly factors, Seiko watches are second to no one!

Seiko yield a wide range of products: from consecutive mechanical watches, to normal quartz and solar-powered, kinetic, at varying cost, from a few bucks to thousands.

These product lines are separated into various segments for various customer groups. Among Seiko’s product lines, the Seiko 5, Seiko SARB, luxury “Credor”, and the “Grand Seiko” are the most well-known series.

While Seiko 5 and Seiko SARB are mid-range mechanical watch lines, the Grand Seiko and luxury “Credor” belong to the luxury segment.


The company was originally establish in 1918 under the name of Shokosha Watch Research Institute. 12 later, in 1930, the name changed to Citizen like we know present .

For nearly a century in the watchmaking industry, Citizen has made nice strides in quartz technology. One of the company’s large steps came was in 1993, when they initiated the World’s first multi-zone “Radio-Controlled Watch”.

Next, in 2003, Citizen, once again, amazed the world by launching the very first full metal case radio-ruled watch with built-in antenna.

Similar to Seiko watches, Citizen’s are also environmentally-amicable options, but they mainly focus on solar power instead of kinetic energyThat’s also the reason why the brand has a niche market called Eco-Drive that are entirely solar-powered.

Technically, there’s a hidden solar panel placed under the dial of Eco-Drive watches that shift light energy into electric energy. By that way, the wearers will never necessity to replace the battery, making the watch much more long-lasting.

Citizen possesses world-class solar technology and it’s also the world’s lead solar watchmaker with great -look and highly accurate timepieces.

Along with Eco-Drive watches, Citizen has also developed other items lines such as Chronomaster, Q&Q SmileSolar, Independent Watches, Still, the Eco-Drive has been Citizen’s featured line of watches for many years.

Another Citizen’s main draw is its wide spectrum of cost points, from over $100 to thousands of USD. Well, that’s how Citizen has covered the necessity of their buyers no matter whether it’s an affordable watch or a high-class one.


Are Peugeot Watches Good? Detailed Explanation

Are Peugeot Watches Good? Detailed Explanation

Fashion watches are becoming an essential accessory for both women and man   these days. Peugeot has exemplified this trend more than other watch brands. The high quality and stylish designs in a moderate worth has made Peugeot watches a wearable accessory for daily routine. The both men and women watches are a best addition to the wardrobe except bothering their budget. Peugeot watches are undoubtedly better enough to make the day of the person wearing it.

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Why Are Peugeot Watches Among Best Watches In The Market?

There are many cause for the popularity and excellent reputation of Peugeot watches. Some of these are explained below:

1- Luxurious Fashion Watches

After twenty two years working in watch industry the Peugeot expanded their collection and rapt in to the market of fashion timepieces. Since then this watch brand is humorous the world with trendy and sophisticated styles that suit every occasion of women and men  . Peugeot has provided both the men and women with good trendy timepieces that compliment every of apparel in their wardrobe.

2- Intriguing Styles

With the progress in watch industry a watch is not only a timepiece anymore but a fashion tendency. Additionally the fashion tendency change with place and time so that a single watch is not enough to withstand each of your occasions and dresses. A casual watch with leather straps is not the timepiece for a formal event; similarly a rose gold toned metallic watch is not built to compliment your casual appearance. Peugeot considers all of these regard while designing watches and offering a wide range of watches to the society from casual to formal, silver tone to gold tone, vintage to modern, leather band to metallic band, monotone to two tones and much more as per you desire.

3- Wide Range

The taste of various persons varies with respect to gender, place, occasion and fashion trends. A single accessory is not enough to fulfill all the necessity of men and women in this modern age of fashion. Peugeot construction a wide range of timepieces to accommodate the need of everyone from young adults to oldies. Vintage Peugeot watches, ceramic, gold plated and stainless steel watches are various collections from the brand to fit in the wardrobe of any watch lover.

Recommended Peugeot Watch#2 – Peugeot Women’s 14K Gold Plated Tank Leather Dress Watch:

This is one the best gold plated watches from Peugeot:

4- Swiss Quartz Movement

The label Swiss Quartz is the pledge of higher precision and exactness of time in any watch. Peugeot watches are Swiss quartz that means the movement is construct and manages in Switzerland. This label rise the goodwill of the brand as it confirm that these watches undoubtedly offer the accurate time to great extent.

5- Quality assurance

Peugeot has been offering a wide collection of timepieces to men and women since last sixty years. The styles and functions of the watches have been changed with the passage of time as per the changing tendency but the thing never changed is the quality of the Peugeot watches. These watches have been maintaining a high level of quality since its creation that is un-matchable. The best quality material makes these timepieces a durable and must try item.

Recommended Peugeot Watch#3 – Peugeot Women Rose Gold Bracelet Boyfriend Watch with Crystal Bezel

6- Low price

No matter what the value of Peugeot watch is, the branded quality remains the same for all of the timepieces. usually the quality of any product is judged by the price, higher the cost higher the quality but this philosophy is not right in case of Peugeot watches as this brand believes in offering high quality in cheap budget. You can have a best classic Peugeot watch with high quality and features in with no burden on your pocket.

How Much Are Invicta Watches Really Worth?

How Much Are Invicta Watches Really Worth?

Invicta is a swift growing company in the world of watches. The company has display a nice deal of improvement with its every next collection. The gradual betterment in designs, technologies and features is the main reason of the flourishing fan following of this brand. The brand has initiated various timepieces with various watch mechanisms and materials. The great point about these all watches is the cost easily fit in budget. Irrespective of material, movement, style and special features Invicta watches are highly price effective with respect to other watches by other brands.

What Are Prices of Invicta Watches in America?

Invicta has a best name in producing quality but inexpensive watches for casual or formal wearing. You can find a watch with desired features and updated technology in a very low price with respect to other brand’s watches.

Prices of Invicta Pro Diver Series Watches ($100-$200)

A watch from Invicta Pro Diver series featuring popular Japanese automatic hand winding movement can easily be bought within the range of $100 – $200. It is usually not possible to find such movement in such a low price. Checkout top selling Invicta Pro Diver Watches.

Prices of Invicta Chronograph Watches ($100)

The chronograph watch of this brand is simply available in the range of $100 only. Checkout Invicta Chronograph Watches.

Prices of Special Purpose Invicta Watches (up to $1000)

Some special purpose watches created by Invicta watch constructing brand even have high price range but still affordable like Aviator collection of Invicta featuring landing assistance price up to $1000. Checkout some Invicta Aviator Watches on Amazon.

Prices of Gold Plated Invicta Watches ($50-$2000)

Similarly gold plated watches of Invicta range in price from $50 to $2000 because of 18k gold ion plating. Although the Invicta watches vary in cost but each of the timepiece either of $20 or $2000 lasts for long offer best as promised by the brand. Checkout top selling Invicta gold plated watches on Amazon.

Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Automatic Watch Review

Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

Declare for adventure over or under water with this classic Invicta Pro Diver automatic masculine watch. This classy timepiece with automatic movement is large in size, bold in style and solid in build. It is a highly inexpensive luxury item with classic features; large size black dial, brushed polished stainless steel casing and stainless steel goodly linked bracelet. The dial features handy to read hour markers and date display. With Invicta especial Tritnite material used the dial glows for long even in daytime.

Pro Drive watch is constructed with a especial feature to avoid water infiltration. The crown of the watch is not traditionary pull and push but screw down instead. First unscrew the crown by rotating it counterclockwise then pull it to the required position to adjust date and time. After adjustment is done push it and rotate clockwise to screw in closely. This screw down mechanism locks all doors for water to enter the watch thus making it safety timepiece for water immersion.

Features of the Watch

  • Price under $100 (see current price)
  • Stainless steel dial case and bracelet with fold-over clasp
  • Stainless steel unidirectional bezel ion plated ring on top in black
  • Large black round dial with magnified details
  • Tritnite luminescent hour marks and hands
  • Minute markers along with the out rim
  • Date display at position of three
  • Screwed crown
  • Skeleton back case
  • Automatic movement
  • Water resistance for 200 m
  • Mineral crystal for scratch resistance

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How Much Is A Geneva Quartz Watch Worth

The cheap  price is the attribute that Geneva pays attention the most while offering its formation to the customers. The brand deeply observes all of the factors to control the price of a watch. This controlled price in doubtless the main point of high sale of Geneva watches as compared to other brand’s watches. Reliable quartz movement with stylish designs and striking features are provided by Geneva in a much budgeted price. Checkout prices of Geneva Quartz Watches on Amazon.

Both women and men can find a timepiece of their choice in the Geneva outlets varying in color, style,features,and material in a price range of $2 to $200 only. Simple casual watches are available under 50 dollars  while semi formal and formal watches are in the range of under $200. Although the price of these watches is cheap but still these watches are best to work properly in a long run.

How Much Is A Geneva Quartz Watch Worth

Why Prices of Geneva Watches Are Low

Geneva trust in providing high class watches in a low price. This level of cost  is maintained by the brand by controlling manufacturing price of the watches. The brand pays high attention to every element engaged in the manufacturing of the watch that can cause a rise in the price. All process is deeply observed to eliminate these rise causing factors in price.


The benefit margin set by the brand is also very low. High quality even stoned watches are sale  with minimum profit by the Geneva. Additionally least number of middle men are involved between the manufacturer and customers to provide these watches. Online sale points like Amazon sale these watches outright to the customer. All these measure help in cutting down the prices of the watches without compromising quality and goodwill of the brand.

Price Range of Geneva Watches

Amazon offers a range of Geneva watches for women and men on a very cheap price. Some of best inexpensive watches available on Amazon are

Geneva Watches for Women with Prices

  1. Geneva Women Faux Leather Floral Dial Watch in  – See Details and Current Price
  2. Geneva Stainless Steel Military Crystal Casual Watch in  – See Details and Current Price
  3. Geneva Rose Gold Platinum Mesh Band Watch in  – See Details and Current Price
  4. Geneva Women’s White 1670F-GEN Quartz Watch in  – See Details and Current Price
  5. Geneva Women 2406-GEN Silver Watch in  – See Details

Since it is Amazon, you may see some price fluctuation…so watch the price before you purchase

Geneva Platinum Black Dial Fashion Watch Review

How Much Is A Geneva Quartz Watch Worth

Stay up to date with gorgeous rectangle black with bit of gold tone formal watch. A glazing timepiece for men with stylish dial and metallic charcoal polished finish. Touch of gold with black makes this platinum watch a high class engaging watch for formal use while simple details of the watch promise the absolute level of decency.

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