What Does a Watch Tell about You?

What Does a Watch Tell about You?

Watches are not  just guardians of time; they are the entrance to one’s soul. In some progress, it is even trust that if the eyes are the soul’s window, then watches are its door. Or at least that’s what it is accurate sized. The way I’d love to explain that is that every stylistic  we make reflects our deepest wishes, our wisdom of fashion and our own ethos.

What Does a Watch Tell about You

From what I collect, there are a pair of traits that tend to get glued to one’s character, whether aware or unconscious. Trending the newest watch might be your monthly ceremony, or likely you’re sporting more along the lines of customary timepieces; whatever the case, each piece carries a small hidden message that separate between being inexpert and being parsimonious.

Considerate and Punctual, Adventurous and Practical  

Studies display that wearing a watch — apart from telling the time — serves as an indicator of your initial principles to care for others. Respecting someone else’s time instantly brands you as a person of class, and in return people esteem you even more. It also display that you are being aware of what you wear, when and how you copatable your watch with your clothing and so on. These are the things that accept you a stair above tradition, though you are for sure one who grade it even more than other digital natives.

How ever, you are residence a sand castle if you are entertaining your attention only to that one aspect. Brands, too, have a serious role in making that distinction, so when on the lookout for watches, these are things that you entirely must know before making any decision.

Affordable watch Brands

While usually cheap and affordable, these watches can be a best alternative if you are looking for some fashionable item that does not value a fortune. There are some brands like  Citizen,Seiko, and Bulova – off the top of my head – that seemingly blend into an daily style. Just do not wear one at red carpets, all right?

Besides, survival watches or military style  are also a nice choice if you want to display your masculinity. Some prestige names are  Timex, Suunto,Casio, or Luminox

High- profile Brands 

Nothing says profligate like Richard Mille or  Bvlgari. If you are aiming for terrible – congratulations, you have gain your goal. These watches commonly go hand in hand with Lamborghinis or Ferraris, the live for the night, or king of the streets kind of feeling that people often tag as not deep. Concern, who’s to say that being a king once in a while is not a nice thing?

Eternal, Evergreen Brands

The key course, the feast de -resistance!

Omega,IWC, Cartier,Rolex,  Patek Philippe

Yeah, these are the watches people with dignity and poise commonly feast on. They copy success, not money or power, though there are always anomaly to the rule. The simple way to tell is by these lines: “if you have earned it, you can wear it.” Also, dashing and flashing your new  Patel Philippe or Rolex speaks rather large volumes about you, and not in a nice way.

The secret to accessing the elite rituals of class is by you wearing and being one with the watch instead of it wearing you; you do not go show and tell; you are protective, exquisite and elegant – the triple threat.

How To Use A Watch Winder The Right Way?

How To Use A Watch Winder The Right Way?

Owning a watch winder is a excellent  investment for your automatic timepieces. They help augment the life of the watch while keeping it exactly telling time. If you rarely wear your watch, this makes life easier as you can forthwith use it whenever the demand arises except having to wind it up manually.

Before getting too anxious about getting one, you should first know how to use a watch winder. There are a lot of brands that make this arsenal, but the core functions and programming is basically similar, making it easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Things to know using a watch winder

Things to know using a watch winder

1. Know your watch’s recommended TPD.

TPD, or Turns Per Day, is a setting that wield the number of rotations the watch winder will give your automatic timepiece to entirely wound it up. This is an significant piece of information that you should have since setting the watch winder with less than the consult TPD of your timepiece means that it won’t be wound up entirely and will at last be off the time. Too much of the consult TPD, on the other hand, might wear down the watch quicker in the long run.

It is important to rite some research first on your automatic timepiece. What is the consult TPD in order to keep your watch fully wound up? You demand this information in order to identify what type of watch winder you will  need to get. Matching the consult TPD and the real winder’s settings will extremely help keep your timepiece completely wound and in optimal condition, all except the negative upshot from too much or too less Turns Per Day.

2. Know how your watch is powered up.

As automatic watches need your arm movement for power, one would sure that it becomes weak when unused for fully some time. However, automatic timepieces are generally powered up with an extra battery reserve so that temporary non-use of the watch won’t touch the overall redaction of the timepiece when you get to use it again. Do take note of the power reserve so that you know how long it can last except being used.

This information is essential when using a watch winder. As automatic watches still have some power reserve left after brief periods of non-use, it won’t soak power quite as skills as compared to having its battery almost dried out. This is where the late function of watch winders comes in. The intention of this is to offer some waiting time to let the reserve power run low. After the set time, the winder will begin movement and power up the watch usually.

3. Know the step-by-step procedure of using watch winders.

Besides knowing the significant information offer above, you have to know how to truly use the watch winder. Based on a few easy steps, these are the usual guidelines used when using the winder

If the watch is not working anymore, manually wind it up a few times up to about 40 turns to prepare it up for the watch winder.

Making confirm you know the recommended TPD of the automatic watch, adjust the settings to offer the accurate amount that will give the most energy in the timepiece except doing it any damage.

Also make assured you know which direction your watch collect energy skills. It can be dextral, counter-dextral, or bi-directional if it can be powered in both directions. You can then set your watch winder to turn in such direction.

In case you are not assured of the recommended TPD and direction, periodically check your timepiece after about two days. If it is keeping accurate time, then it is working accurately. If not, you can adjust either the TPD setting or the direction and wait for another two days per trial until you find out the correct adjustments to your watch winder.

Simple tips on maintaining your cherished dive watch

Simple tips on maintaining your cherished dive watch

If you are love me, wristwatch would not mean a mere ancillary or a time telling tool to you. There’s a kind of especial attachment between a watch-enthusiast and his timepiece. Thus I usually don’t abuse my watch till the day it dies, but trying to take nice care of it. I want my cherished watch to stay with me as long as feasible. In this writing, I will share with you some easy tips on maintaining a dive watch, expectancy that they will be of some help to you!

Simple tips on maintaining your cherished dive watch

Avoid collision with hard surfaces

Scratches do your watch less striking, they steal the bright from the watch. Therefore, you should defend your watch from hard surfaces as much as feasible. Do not swing your arm when walking in a confined path, or else your watch face would abruptly into the walls. Whenever you put your watch on a desk, be soft and place it on the desktop with the watch face rising.

Find a bezel replacement

The bezel is the most vincible part of a dive watch, it takes most physical misuse for the watch face. unluckily, a painted bezel can not be polished like the crystal or the case, you have to replace it with a total new one when it’s stiffly scratched.  All not watch models have their bezel replacements attainable, so you should check this information before making a buy. Ceramic bezels are scratch-resistant, but they are too brittle and more costly than painted metal ones, every taste has its own imperfectness.

Rinse your watch carefully after diving

As you know, sea water is not lucky for metal. It not at best contains a lot of salt, but also has many toxic component to your watch. Sand is another trouble, too. It can make the bezel bind. After each dive, you should scour your watch in fresh water to elect all of those things, take care of every nook of the watch!

Avoid hot temperature

Each kind of machine demand to avoid overheating to some level. We would never bring our cell phones to a warm tub, but with wristwatches, specially dive watches… sometimes we unlearn to take them off! We think that they are create to go with us everywhere. Yeah, a excellent dive watch can survive a 660-feet scuba dive, but a few hours in warm tub… I’m not assured!

Service the watch every 3 years

Any dive watch necessity servicing at least every three years. The movement, gasket, case back, etc… Your watch has to work except cease, and abide a lot of physical misuse, thus servicing is very necessary to maintain its best-condition. Find a faith worthy jeweler to get the job done!

How to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

Approach your watch with an outfit can be as simple as one, 2, three. But, it can also be neuron-wracking if you lack the basic knowledge to do it. To gain style – and class – you demand to take certain dress codes at heart to be able to make the right decision.

Unlearn these digital natives with their faces glued to their phones; if you know better, and I’m confirm you do since you are reading this, resemble your watch with an outfit is in and of itself a form of art.

Your very soul is decorated on the watch you are wearing, and your taste of apparel hinges on this piece of jewelry. It’s a taste, and that choice reflects your personality, your innermost wish and tastes. But, strapping on anything that 1st comes at hand is a one-way ticket to embarrassment, so choicely follow these guidelines to know what goes with what.

How to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

Things to Look Out For

I will  just immediately throw a rule of thumb your way in order to make things very easy to remember. Outfits and watches have levels of formality, and that formality necessity to coincide in a harmonious essence. It’s like matching colors when you are wearing something non-committal daily, yet you are still anxious with not to have every possible color on you. Same goes with clothing and watches.

What am I talking about? Read on.

Black Tie, White Tie

Let’s start with ingenuousness.  Bear in mind, simplicity doesn’t mean simple in the literal sense; it means that if you are wearing a black tie  or white tie – commonly dresses worn for certain especial occasions – you do not want to look unbridled and flashy.

The formality that goes with formal dresses needs little concern over time, and for that there’s only one watch that makes it worthy – the dress watch. Dress watches come in a difference of styles, gold, white gold or silver, and anything is fine as long as you keep it simple, keep it light.

Business Formal

Commerce formal dresses, on the other hand, are worn day-in, day-out, and are more multipurpose in terms of what you can wear them with. Your elected isn’t that restricting, though you for sure do not want to pass as being fatuous when at a meeting or a business deal just because you build the wrong choice – which might point to the fact that you are being absent or just plain uninformed. So, dress watches are obviously best to go if you are wearing a dark suit.

Now, diver’s watches are also a chance, and it’s curious how they got themselves hit into being more formal while still observing their functionality. High-profile firm that make diver watches are commonly the best choice.

If you are marvel whether your bridge watch or skeleton watch might be a excellent  idea to wear with a formal business suit, then the answer is: Yes, you can. In fact, they match accurate

Business Casual

This is your daily go-to watch that you put on when you go to work. You wake up in the morning, wash up, ready and then you put on a suit. Your non-formal, neck-tie optional business suit.  Though somewhat amazingly, all sorts of watches can potentially match your casual business outfit. The reason I say “potentially” is because as with most anything involving general sense, it needs you to make a pretty decent judgment call.

It goes expect saying that these rules aren’t engraved in stone; they are more of what you consider guidelines that you demand  to take into consideration before making that choice.

Casual Outfits

Shirt,Jeans,  a pair of shoes pass as casual at present. Unlike seventeen century jackets, narrow coats, breeches and a pair of squared-toed shoes with a wig as a bonus. Earnestly though, sports watches, dive watches,pilot watches, field watches, or other military-style watches could freely be matched with casual outfits.

Be cautious though not to make the error I described earlier. You might think you can get your clothes to work with a diver watch, and you might be right, but make sure you are not overstepping any boundaries, or more exactly bouncing high and low on perfect levels.


Taste yourself an athlete? There are only a small number of watches you can wear while you do sports, depending on the kind of sport you are into. If you are only sporting recreation ally, then I personally trust you can make any watch other than a dress watch worthy to wear.

For professionals, you might have observed a couple athletes wearing chrono watches or field watches, which tend to match better than others, though with some reservations.I have  done a fair deal of running playing tennis, and after a while it feels uneasy to wear one as sweat starts pouring into your forearms.

Some watches, I have  noticed, can get blurry, so it takes a while for the steam to vaporize. Field watches are also very functional as they are especially designed for solace and are very easy to use.

yet, not only athletes wear sportswear. If you are one of those who enjoys solace above all else, and maybe even go to work in one  then you should consider either a field watch or chrono watch, Though technically, you can wear any watch with sport clothing, if you are at least a tiny little fashion-savvy.

And eventually, my personal favorite – heirlooms. Heirlooms are rule benders. Or more like rule breakers. You can watch a great pocket watch, an old scratched watch, whatever you have lying around from WWII, and it matches anything and everything.

One eventually piece of advice: class comes from within. confirm, you’ve come to the party dressed pitch accurate , but people tend to notice more what’s stored within than “expect”. So, stand up straight and look assured, and your outfit and watch will beacon it

Top 4 Popular Japanese Watchmakers That You Can Trust

Top 4 Popular Japanese Watchmakers That You Can Trust

It’s not stretch to say that Japan – The Land of Rising Sun has help to cause a lot to the development of the world’s watchmaking company  for decades. It is home to many well-liked watch brands that are well-known not only in Asia but also all over the world.

When it appear to Japanese watches, products constructed by Seiko,  Orient,Citizen, and Casio are always among the best like  regarding price and quality, making them top 4 popular Japanese watchmakers.

In this post, we are going to learn the highlights of these famed watch producers, from their history, technology, featured achievements, to signature products. Let’s begin!!!

Popular Japanese Watchmakers


Seiko watch brand now associate to Seiko Holdings Corporation. Back to the year 1881, Seiko start its business in Ginza, Tokyo as a jewelery shop. Eleven years later, the company launch producing clocks under the name Seikosha.

Until 1924, the very first watches build under the Seiko brand came out in the market.

Another great milestone in the history of Seiko came in 1969 with the introduction of Astron, which’s the first quartz wristwatch in the world.

In 1986, Seiko released its Kinetic watch which’s the first one to shift kinetic energy to electric energy.

For more than 130 years in watchmaking business, Seiko, as a lead innovator, has transformed the watch industry by anecdotal technological creations and inventions. Specially, as considering energy shift and environmentally-friendly factors, Seiko watches are second to no one!

Seiko yield a wide range of products: from consecutive mechanical watches, to normal quartz and solar-powered, kinetic, at varying cost, from a few bucks to thousands.

These product lines are separated into various segments for various customer groups. Among Seiko’s product lines, the Seiko 5, Seiko SARB, luxury “Credor”, and the “Grand Seiko” are the most well-known series.

While Seiko 5 and Seiko SARB are mid-range mechanical watch lines, the Grand Seiko and luxury “Credor” belong to the luxury segment.


The company was originally establish in 1918 under the name of Shokosha Watch Research Institute. 12 later, in 1930, the name changed to Citizen like we know present .

For nearly a century in the watchmaking industry, Citizen has made nice strides in quartz technology. One of the company’s large steps came was in 1993, when they initiated the World’s first multi-zone “Radio-Controlled Watch”.

Next, in 2003, Citizen, once again, amazed the world by launching the very first full metal case radio-ruled watch with built-in antenna.

Similar to Seiko watches, Citizen’s are also environmentally-amicable options, but they mainly focus on solar power instead of kinetic energyThat’s also the reason why the brand has a niche market called Eco-Drive that are entirely solar-powered.

Technically, there’s a hidden solar panel placed under the dial of Eco-Drive watches that shift light energy into electric energy. By that way, the wearers will never necessity to replace the battery, making the watch much more long-lasting.

Citizen possesses world-class solar technology and it’s also the world’s lead solar watchmaker with great -look and highly accurate timepieces.

Along with Eco-Drive watches, Citizen has also developed other items lines such as Chronomaster, Q&Q SmileSolar, Independent Watches, Still, the Eco-Drive has been Citizen’s featured line of watches for many years.

Another Citizen’s main draw is its wide spectrum of cost points, from over $100 to thousands of USD. Well, that’s how Citizen has covered the necessity of their buyers no matter whether it’s an affordable watch or a high-class one.


Unspoken Rules Of Wearing A Watch

Unspoken Rules Of Wearing A Watch

As men’s only accessory, wristwatches are not simply for time-telling, but also for display identity & style! When it appear to fashion & style, there are always untold rules that we should not break.

It is not only about your watch, but it’s also about how you use it that tells society who you are!

Following are some unspoken rules that you should circular when wearing a wristwatch, simple but vital!

Unspoken Rules Of Wearing A Watch

Wear your watch on your non-dominant wrist

As you know, we often use our prevalent hand for most of the tasks. So if you wear your watch on the prevalent wrist, chances are, it will bump against things and assemble scratches, or even worse, the crystal might be cracked. If your cherished timepiece is a dive watch with painted bezel, it’s truly a pain in the ass to find a replacement bezel when your old one formerly had enough of scratches!

After all, if you still discern to wear your watch on the dominant wrist but do not want to hurt it, the only elected  is to minimize your hand & arm movements, which is not only incommodious but also make you look clumsy & “try-hard.”

Wear it not too tight, not too loose

Wear it not too tight, not too loose

it’s critical to adjust your watch band until it fits your wrist quite.If the band is too tight, you would feel uneasy yourself. Itchy skin & sweating is almost irresistible. It is  not to say that sometimes the crown will stick out and stab into the back of your hand. In addition, your wrist certainly does not look excellent being choke by the watch band, the imprints left on skin are no sexy!

loose watches

On the other hand, wearing your watch too loose is also a large No-No! Wristwatches are for us men to look stronger & bolder, so do not  treat them as ladies’ bracelets. The watch should securely stay on your wrist. If it can go back and forth over one inch along your wrist, then you should adjust the band! It’s also for better secure of your watch, wearing it too loose might cause more harm to the case & crystal overtime!

Beware of how & when you check your watch

The watch is there on your wrist to said you time, right! But it does not  mean you could check it anytime & anywhere you want! It’s a sensory issue.

Do not  ever check your watch multiple times when you have a discussion with someone, or you are on a date. It say the other person that you just want to leave! If you really demand to check the time, try to read it at a quick glance! Men’s watches are not little, so more often than not, you can simply read the dial from any angle.

Don’t touch another man’s watch

Some people truly don’t like others to touch their watch, even if this act comes right after praise. By touch their watch, you will leave your hand prints on the dial and strap. Some people are okay with it, but some just easily  feel annoyed, because they want their timepiece to be clean, silver-polished all the time. It is  due to the force of habit, respect it!

Beware when wearing a dive watch with formal suit

Beware when wearing a dive watch with formal suit

Dive watches were generally made for scuba diving. However, with time, they have become a fashion accessory that occasionally can go with formal apparels.

The classic Rolex Submariner  is an example. After appearing in numerous James Bond movies, this watch has become an icon of classiness, so lots of businessmen elected it to be their daily watch, not just for diving.

But at the last of the day, these diving pieces are still sports watches, so they tend to look bolder and thicker than natural dress watches. You must circular this trait of theirs when matching them with your outfits.

The bezel should not be to thick so that the watch can fit under your shirt cuff. The dial should outlook as simple & clear as possible, not too crowded or hi-tech. The color tones should be dark or silver, avoid hot colors like orange or yellow!

End of the line

Choose the right watch is no easy, so we must learn to use it in the way that’s not only useful & advantageous but also able to help us build good impressions in the eye of other people.

I hope those facile tips above will be of some help to you! thanks

Top 10 Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Top 10 Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Construction workers expend their day entirely immersed in the strenuous physical tasks laid out before them, requiring full intentness and effort in order to finish the tasks at hand. With this, it is significant that they remain focused and not confused with any other thoughts specially regarding to what they wear.

In this article, we will talk the most durable watches for construction workers. Not only will this free the workers from thinking about the terms of their timepiece, but are also optimized according to their demands  with regards to timekeeping, making it less of a task than a 2 nature when they read time

Most Durable Digital Watches For Construction Workers

Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

durable watches for construction workers


Cool, heavy, and sturdy, the Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Rangeman is a nice choice for construction workers. Created to withstand the toughest of conditions, it’s a accurate fit to bring even on rough days at work.

It boasts the Triple ten technology which proves its fitness as an on-site companion. Its ease of use is also a key benefit that helps lessen the burden of a learning curve when using the watch.


  •  Lightweight design despite its seemingly heavy appearance
  • Triple ten concept reinforces its promise of sturdiness and functionality
  • Triple Sensors make the timepiece great for travels or for construction works at far places where navigation is required
  • 660 feet water resistance provides greater level of protection against accidental dips


  • Resin strap may not be like by some users

The design of the Rangeman features a arduous black resin band and bezel, accented with streaks of red and grey at the dial and crown. It features the resin band but exploit metallic textured pushers and case back.


Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Mens Watch GWF1000-1

Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Mens Watch GWF1000-1

The Casio Men’s Frogman is expressly something to consider. It is simple, strong, and rugged, all fit for work. Add the shock resistance and water resistance makes it a excellent  choice for being brought on site for construction workers.

Being easy to work with, you won’t have to disquiet bumping this timepiece around as it can withstand most of them


  • Features basic essential data for fast use
  • Atomic Timekeeping helps keep exact time
  • 200m water resistance helps against prolonged water exposure


  • Band look and design may be too heavy and monotonous for users
  • absence more features makes it too simple

Provide  the most basic, yet dependable features of a timepiece, it can withstand certain shocks and has a arduous look that fits construction workers’ labor-intensive workload.

Looking at the Frogman, it is expressly designed to be a rugged timepiece. A stainless steel case and bezel is utilized and is safeguard by the resin band and bezel.

It features a simple digital dial that display the date and time. With its looks and safety features, it can be quite heavy for some.

For its features, it is solar-powered and shock resistant. manifest with its design, it is meant to withstand sturdy work situations and survive several shocks while remaining in best shape.

A  660 feet water resistance reinforces its durability. Not only water resistance, it has more leading features to work as a real dive watch under deep water. If your job consists long hours of working under water, this is a excellent  choice for you.

Atomic Timekeeping aids keep accurate time. It also features a tide and moon data for trips outdoors.

Casio G-Steel GST-S110-1ACR

Casio Men's 'G SHOCK' Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch, ColorBlack (Model GST-S110-1ACR

Striking and sturdy, the Casio G-Steel offers a great level of defense while remaining easy to wear on different settings.

It is a excellent  watch for construction workers, but it focus  its flexibility in design as it can be fetched in other events as well. The stability against shocks and accidental dips in water is a testament to its sturdy, making it excellent to own.


  • Smooth look of Stainless Steel on a sturdy timepiece
  • Flexible design adjust  any occasion, not just for work at construction sites
  • Layered Toughness adds secure while being beautifully-designed
  • 660ft water resistance makes it suitable for light swims


  • Watch may be a bit big for some users

The black and silver toned timepiece can be purchase to tough site conditions as its engineered steel design can withstand busy sites while provide multiple features.

The usual appearance of G-Shock features resin bands and bezels for their overall design. The G-Steel takes in the G-Shock’s stability and adds its distinctive smooth steel design.

realize the idea of ‘Layered Toughness’, it features a high-quality, shock-resistant metallic body that offers protection and aesthetics at the same time.

Featuring the idea Layered Toughness, the G-Steel offers the same robust as the G-Shock while being encapsulated in a metallic body. This multi-layered strength is confirm  by a layer of resin underneath, with the steel on top.

It is solar-powered and shock-resistant, efficient of withstanding different hits in construction sites. 660 feet water resistance gives a high level of defense.

Suunto Core All Black – Military

Suunto Core All Black – Military

unique  simple and smart, the Suunto Core Altimeter is expressly a timepiece worth purchase. It offers the basic stability of an outdoor watch yet offers a lot of features that makes it usable on multiple occasions.

It can be fetched to construction sites, but it shines with outdoor usage with its multi-functionality. If you want an outdoor watch that has a lot to provide with a charming design, then this is for you.


  • Unique and smooth look excellent for sites and outdoors
  • Multi-featured makes it worthy for all outdoor trips
  • Smart timepiece coupled with stability and aesthetic design
  • 100 feet water resistance offers basic water protection


  • Lighting may not be too shiny for nighttime use

Provide a more flexible look for a timepiece while being robust, it fits the stylish side of a strong watch. It is also packed with different features that are helpful both at site and at outdoor trips.

An striking and minimalistic take on a sturdy timepiece, the Suunto Core Altimeter features a charmingly unique design. Integrating the case and the bezel in one material, the watch provide  a different take on usual watch designs.

introduce  in a plastic case with a black color tone, it is expressly sporty, yet simple at the same time.

The next half of the timepiece’s trinket is with its multiple features. Including the three main outdoor features of Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass, the watch is already a force.

Sunrise and sunset presets aids you know daylight conditions for over 400 locations. Utmost weather conditions and changes in clot notify you of any potential storms nearby.

Most Durable Analog Watches For Construction Workers

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT4010-50E Titanium Perpetual

The modern and polished Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono AT is expressly a timepiece you should consider. With its robustness, functions, and looks, it is a nice watch to have for construction workers.

Its flexible design makes it easy to carrying in any occasion and suit with any style you have.Outdoor, casual, and formal events fit the watch design fully, making this timepiece a go-to watch for all your urgent.


  • Modern and smooth look makes it perfect for any formal and informal trips
  • Design and color tones are easy to pair up with any style
  • Robust materials make it perfect for tough site conditions
  • 200m water resistance gives it high level of defense against water pressure


  • Dial may be a bit little for some users

The design of the eternal Chrono AT presents an elegant watch, build  of a titanium case and link bracelet. This smooth appearance makes it shine out with its charm.

As a steel timepiece, it is silver and black toned, accurate for any style you want. It also fits all occasions, from casual walks, construction work, to outdoor trips, and even formal rally with its modern look.

For its functions, it has a lot to provide on the table. Atomic Timekeeping offer it precise and perfect readings, keeping you in track of true time. Synchronized time in five time zones helps keep track of proper time.

A perpetual calendar aid keep track of the day and 1-second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes. A power stock indicator lets you know how the timepiece is doing.

Read review and buy from Amazon

CASIO Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek Smart

CASIO Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek Smart

If you’re searching for a sporty, yet smart timepiece that has tons of helpful functions, then the Casio Protrek Smart is a best option for you.

Besides the basic functions of timepieces, this smart watch also aid give you updates about your surroundings, making it a helpful outdoor companion. It’s also easy to lovers with due to the neutral color scheme of the timepiece.


– Sporty design makes it a nice outdoor watch

– Multi-functional makes it a best tool to bring at work or at travels

– 165 Feet water resistance gives it basic protection against accidental falls in water


– Battery life may be a little shorter than usual because of multiple functions


What makes a good construction worker’s watch?


Due to the sturdy site conditions faced on a daily basis by construction workers, sturdiness and innate potency is the most important quality of their watches.

It should be created  with high quality materials that would confirm it does not fall apart without even being exposed too much in site. It has to be build of quality materials that are combined specifically for tough site use.

Easy to Use

It is a known fact that construction work is very exhausting both for the body and mind. Owning a watch should be a convenience, confirm that it keeps its promise of delivering perfect time while not being much of a distraction while working. Ease of use confirm a fast glimpse of the watch gives you the info you want immediately.

Easy to Read

One major attribute of ease of use is its readability. As construction workers have a lot to do on-site, it is necessary to own a timepiece that can easily be read except much effort at all. This proficiency makes it easy to own and bring a watch to work. It helps tell time, while not irritatingly hard to read.


To be able to keep up with the everyday lifestyle of a construction worker, the watch has to be capable  to withstand scratches, shocks, and even accidental dips in water as the site may be wet. Having a timepiece that you won’t always have to worry about is already the best one to have.

Water Resistance

Besides the current ground work, construction workers sometimes have to work at wet sites. These places needs a greater level of protection for their timepieces. This makes water resistance an important aspect of owning a watch. This confirm it does not fail when the site is wet or when it rains.

Has Some Necessary Features

There are various features that are considered must-haves for smart watches. GPS is one accurate example. Besides construction workers, this commonly helps everybody from getting lost when traveling alone.

altimeters, barometers,Weather trackers, and compasses also help keep you aware of your environment, and ready you for potential incoming storms.

Fits your Style

Besides the current functionality, it is also important to have a watch that you know would fit your overall look. When on site or when traveling, it is best to have a timepiece that can match most of your outfits to confirm that it can complement what you wear and make you look your best.


In this article, we talked about some of the most strong watches for construction workers. It is important to know what you want in a watch and what type of construction work you do.

Sometimes, most of these watches fit the general construction work. However, there are certain times where the site terms becomes especially challenging that a type of watch in this list is more recommended than the others.

Make assured to choose wisely according to your personal favor, features that you want to have, style that you wish to sport, and the budget you allot for the watch.

Whatever your elected  in this list is definitely a win. It all really boils down to how you feel you would use the timepiece to maximize its full potential.

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB Review

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB Review

For just a several bucks, it’s hard for you to go false with the 8926OB. Because you will  hardly find another dive watch that is high-quality at the cost  range of less than $100. Despite some disability, the 8926OB still remains a best deal with: a dependable Japanese auto movement, a solid case architecture, an polished look & classy styling taken from Rolex. You do not have to be a pro diver to wear a dive watch, so if you love this watch, just opt for it, as it’s designed for daily use as well as diving purpose.

Invicta pro diver watches are among the best selling inexpensive men’s dive watches now. You will rarely find a reliable dive watch in the price range of under $100, not to mention an automatic one. However, it is accurately what Invicta, a Swiss budget watchmaker, can offer you.Their 89xx models are solid dive watches with dressy look- which are reliable underwater and genteel in everyday-use. In this review, I will take the 8926OB as an example because it is the well-known among the Invicta pro diver series.


  1. Rolex Submariner look-alike
  2. Fit well with any kind of apparel
  3. Inexpensive price
  4. Dependable Seiko’s NH35A caliber


  1. Again, Rolex Submariner look-alike
  2. poorly lume
  3. Hit-or-miss after-sales service
  4. Hard-to-rotate bezel frame

A quick look

Straight, you can spot an 8926OB on someone’s wrist from more feet away. It’s from Rolex that Invicta copy such an eye-catching styling. You cannot separate a black dial Submariner and an Invicta 8926OB from one another at 1st glance.

A classy, elegant outlook gets along with solid finishing, these elements make 8926OB look much more costly than what it actually costs.

The 8926OB is the most well-known watch in Invicta pro diver series. It has a balanced body and good-looking design which can satisfy various watch collectors with different tastes.

High water resistance rating but weak lume

The 8926OB is an Invicta “pro diver”, thus its waterproof hold is absolutely higher than ordinary dress watches. Similar to Invicta, all the pro diver watches can resist water up to 200 m. In fact, you can rest sure that these watches perform well underwater, as long as you don’t go scuba diving to accurately 660 feet, or else you will put your beloved watch at risk.

Some persons have reported that their Invicta watches got water inside after diving too deeply. I tested the 8926OB myself: taking shower, go swimming, go diving (to about 100 feet or more)…the watch was still in fully functional state, but I have never gone scuba diving up to 660 feet.

On the opposite to its high water-resistance rating, the 8926OB only has a pathetic lume. I brightened the watch to a strong direct light source before putting it into the test. In the dark, the dial and the pip just glint brightly for a few minutes, after that, they all faded away.

The hands are noticeably brighter than the rest of the watch, but it’s just unwillingly acceptable. Again, imperfections should be hoped from a less-than-$100 dive watch.


  • If you do not like the bracelet, just go leather with a black strap.
  • The Cyclops attraction stains and scratches, take best care of it or you can remove it with a knife and a gas welder.

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Peugeot Watches Prices – How Much Does it Cost

Peugeot Watches Prices – How Much Does it Cost

Peugeot has been serving women  and men  with quality handcrafted watches since its creation. Peugeot believes in philosophy of delivering quality products of inimitable value with classic style. The company still works on the same deftness and is offering  high quality long lasting watches of various styles and materials. The best thing about the watches of this brand is that you can find a timepiece of your desired features in the price range of $20 – $350. Also checkout Top 3 Vintage Peugeot Watches Review.

1- Ceramics Peugeot Watches Price Range

Ceramic is the nonmetallic inorganic material much solid than any other material even stainless steel. Ceramic is the material least used in the construct of watches but can be classified as the best material discovered for watches so far. Peugeot also proposed timepieces made of this material which are inimitable with respect to durability and high resistance against scratches, temperature and moisture.

Recommended: Peugeot White Ceramic Watch for Women:

Best Deal Peugeot Swiss Women's White Ceramic Watch Wiith Stainless Steel Deployment Buckle and Lifetime Warranty

Pros of Ceramic Peugeot Watches:

  • Harder than stainless steel
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Scratch Proof
  • Light weighed
  • Excellent temperature resistant
  • Durable
  • Harmless for skin even sensitive

Cons of Ceramic Peugeot Watches:

  • No shatter resistance
  • Limited style options
  • Can grab dust and oil in between its construction

Price Range:

The high quality ceramic strong, light weighed, scratch and temperature resistant Peugeot watches generally fall in the price range of $30 to $500 but you can find these watches on discounted prices on Amazon.

2- Peugeot Vintage Watches Prices

Peugeot has keep alive the classic masterpieces from the past with the fusion of latest technology. The vintage collection of Peugeot is the symbol of historic grade and show the spirit of that era these watches belong to. Peugeot has maintained his trademark quality in these timepieces as well that is why these are liked by even youthful blood.

Recommended: Peugeot Vintage Oval White Leather Watch:

Peugeot Vintage Oval White Leather Watch 380-23

Pros of Peugeot Vintage Watches:

  • Unique vintage styles
  • Historic value
  • High quality material
  • Reasonable price

Cons of Peugeot Vintage Watches:

  • Limited styles
  • Limited functionality
  • Money pit with respect to additional charges

Price Range:

The vintage high quality watches with the brand name of Peugeot can be found in the a very suitable price range of $20 to $350 trust upon the features.

3- Swiss Peugeot Watches Prices

The movement of some of Peugeot watches is constructed and administered in Switzerland thus termed as Swiss watches. Swiss movement is the consolation of high precision of time in any timepiece that is why Peugeot Swiss watches are highly dependable watches with stylish designs and attractive features.

Recommended: Women Swiss Rose Gold Crystal Bezel Link Watch:

Peugeot Women's PS4904WR Swiss Ceramic Rose Gold Crystal Bezel Link Watch

Pros of Swiss Peugeot Watches:

  • Sophisticated styles
  • Swiss movement
  • High quality
  • High precision of time
  • Multifunctional
  • Durable

Cons of Swiss Peugeot Watches:

  • Costly
  • High maintenance cost

Price range:

The Swiss Peugeot watches are very easy to find on Amazon in your wished for price ranging from $35 to $350.

4- Gold Plated Peugeot Watches Price Ranges

Peugeot gold plated watches has a thin coating of 14K gold over some sturdy material like stainless steel. Gold plated watches from Peugeot are very popular these days as these offer a glam look in a very cheap  price. The gold plated watches from this brand are elegant with a difference of styles and features.

Recommended: Peugeot Masculine 14K Gold Plated Blue Bezel Watch:

Pros of Gold Plated Peugeot Watches:

  • Gold appearance
  • Less costly than gold
  • Stylish designs
  • High quality
  • Reliable quartz movement
  • Easily refinished
  • Durability
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Cons of Gold Plated Peugeot Watches:

  • Wear and tear cost
  • Loses its shine with passage of time
  • Not best for regular use

Price Range:

You can easily glamorous your look with Peugeot gold plated watches in a very cheap  price ranging from $20 – $150.