Best Gold Plated Watches Reviews

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What Are Gold Plated Watches?

Watches are no more a watches these days, but a fashion sign. The watches craft has gained much popularity because of the innovation in the design and functions of watches. Bazaar is over flooded with the watches of various brands varying in not only design but also color and functionality. Both women and  men  can charm the viewers by a charming branded watch in their hands.

Gold color has always been very striking to the people of varied ages. Holding a gold colored watch around the wrist raise the look of the wearer to many folds. This look is more gorgeous if the watch is gold plated.

Gold Plated Watches, very general in fashion, are the watches that are implicated with a thin microscopic layer of fresh gold by the method of electroplating. The watches are created of some other material like copper or silver and then these are covered with a very thin film of genuine gold to give it a solid look like gold. Gold plating gives a very striking finish to watch that is built of a solid material. The main advantage of gold plating is that you can get an accessory having a look of genuine gold but at a cheap rate. If you necessity information about gold plating pricing then read How Much Does it Cost to Gold Plate a Watch.

Top 5 Best Selling Gold Plated Watches

Here are my recommended top five best selling gold plated watches:

Rank# 1- Casio A168WG-9 Men’s Gold Band Illuminator Chronograph Alarm Watch

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Rank# 2- Henry Jay Mens 23K Gold Plated Specialty Aquamaster Dive Watch with Date

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Rank# 3- Totally Iced Out Pave Gold Tone Hip Hop Men’s Bling Bing Watch Under $20

Rank# 4- Fossil Riley Gold Plated Watch For Women

Rank# 5- Michael Kors Women’s Parker Two-Tone Watch MK5896

Types of Gold Plating done on Watches

Cost to Gold Plate a Watch

The layer of gold over the watches is a studious issue as it is chic to cover all the areas specially pushers and dial boundary. Two various techniques are used for this motive to have work done perfectly:

Immersion Electroplating

Immersion electroplating is a simple method in which the object love watch is dipped in a solution containing gold. The gold from the solution luxate the outer surface of the object and a thin layer of gold is well placed on the watch in this way. This method is helpful only for small objects as big objects are hard to dip in the solution.

Brush Gold Plating

Brush gold plating is though not a normal technique for electroplating watches but still it is a great option to cover all of the area of the object. In this type of electroplating the gold in fusion with a hardening solution is applied to the periphery with the help of a brush. The brush plating has a advantage of making a number of desired layers of gold over the watch. Brush electroplating is a best option for both small and large objects.

Autocatalytic Gold Plating

In the field of metal finishing the idea of autocatalytic gold plating is new but more compatible. Autocatalytic gold solution is essentially acts as reducing agent and when the watch is immersed into this solution the layering of gold continues to displace the surface of the watch until the object is removed or gold is exhaust in the solution. This method is

Why Gold Plated Watches Are Good And in Fashion?

Gold plated watches are very famous and understood by the groups of all ages. These watches are especially blessing for men who unlike women have no other incidental to glamorize their look at especial occasions. Gold plated watches are a good way to fulfill your demand of a timepiece as well as to raise your ordinary look to stylish and glamorous look

1- Classy look

Gold plated watches offer a classy look to the wearer. It was a time when watches were only for individual purpose of showing time but with the advent of time this industry emerged so much that it became a fashion token. The addition of gold plated watches to this industry truly changed the meaning of wearing a watch. The stylish gold color shine the look of the men, women and even kids.

2- High Status in Low Rate

Gold is been deliberated a status symbol since always. It is not inexpensive for everyone to have a gold watch to meet the status in the community. But the gold plated watches have resolve this problem for the sect with low incomes. Gold plated watches are so affordable in price that almost in range of everybody. thereby one can maintain the high rank in a low budget.

3- Long Term Value

Gold plated watches have a deep term value. This feature makes these watches more suitable over others. The rate of wear and cut off of gold plated watches is very low as weighed to solid gold or gold toned watches. Gold plated watches can sustain their look and finishing for a lengthy time if used with care.

4- Meets the Changing Trends

Fashion industry is  so vastly that no tendency lasts for a long time. To meet these changing aptitude it is better to purchase gold plated watches rather than of genuine gold. Thus watch coryphaeus can meet the needs  of the changing trends. Gold plated watches are specifically beneficial for those who get bored of same style after some period.

What Are Different Types of Gold Plated Watches

Gold plated watches are very popular  among  women,men, teenagers and even kids. Gold plated watches are so much amazing that they fulfill the demand of every single person. One can find a gold plated watch in the bazaar as per his needs and style.

1- Gold Plated Wrist Watches

Wrist watches are the most needs gold plated watches of all the times. A man with style can feel that a wrist watch adds much more than it is inferred to. A difference of gold plated wrist watches is there for the watch cognoscente to decorate their wrists. Gold plated wrists watches come in various styles with respect to size, shape, strap and dial. One popular  brand is Peugeot women’s wrist watches with and without gold plating.

A watch inamorata can have a gold plated watch with a bracelet or strap; a round, rectangle or square dial; one push button or flip over clasp; mono chromium or two tone gold plating and inner dials for days, dates and stop watch. The watch searcher can have a wide range of gold plated watches as per his needs. You can see my Michael Kors boyfriend watch review, as this is one of my chosen write watches.

2- Gold Plated Pocket Watches

Pocket watch is the ancient style of watch that is in fashion since last fifty decades. Gold plated pocket watches are round shaped little  watches that easily fit in pocket. at times pocket watch has a chain linked with it to hang it over the pocket. Pocket watches have sustain some changes with the passage of time and can be characterized in five different types.

Gold plated pocket watches come in various  styles. Some pocket watches have an open face an need no cover to be withdrawn to watch time while some have a defensive cover over the dial. In some pocket watches the cover is of crystal that assistance both in safeguard as well as ease to see time with no cover to dispel. Some pocket watches also allow the user to dispel the back cover of the pocket watch to track its mechanical movement while in some pocket watches the back cover holds a window that aid in mechanism tracking without withdraw back lid.

3- Gold Plated Sports Watches

Sports watches are designed especially keeping in mind necessity of different sports. A larg selection of watches is available to fulfill needs of those having active life style. Gold plated sports watches have strung features like monitoring heart rate and tracking GPS.

i) Chronograph Sports Watches


.are the watches used in sports for the primary time. A variety of events like racing and cycling can be timed because of the chronograph function of these watches. Chronograph gold plated watches build of one or more sub dials to start or stop the second hand to use it as a stop watch. The sub dials on the chronograph gold plated watches can be simply adjusted with the watch pusher and is able of measuring even 10th of a second.

ii) Diver Gold Plated Watches

are especially designed for sea diving  and swimming with features of shock and water resistance to hold the deep sea pressure, unidirectional rotation bezel to time the leftover oxygen in oxygen tank, and a bright luminescence to have light in the dark. Diver watches are also mention as Marine watches. Checkout Invicta Gold and Black Automatic Japanese 8929OB Watch For Professional Divers.

iii) Pilot Gold Plated Sports Watches

or equally ergonomic watches are especially designed to help the pilots to fulfill their navigation needs. Gold plated Pilot watches are designed so that these can even fulfill all of the necessary calculations necessary by flight plan. That is why these watches are also informed as aviator watches as these help the aviation plan of a flight.

4- Quartz Gold Plated Watches

A accurate choice for those who do not settlement on the consistency and correct of time is gold plated quartz watch. Disparate mechanical watches quartz watches do not want any manual winding or contact with body to work. Gold plated quartz watches use a vibrating crystal mechanism that is actuate with the aid of a battery. This crystal roughly vibrates 33 times in a second and makes hands of hour, minute and second to move. Quartz watches are more exact, more reliable and more consistent but costly as well.