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Extra 20% savings for the teen with Amazon Mom’s day promo code ‘MDAYTEEN’

Amazon  now offers a Mother’s Day promo codeMDAYTEEN’. The already registered Teen when shop on Amazon Mom’s day gift event will receive an extra 20% savings by entering the promo code at checkout. Newly registered Teen will receive an email from Amazon in providing the indication  to redeem the Mom’s day promo code (promo code may spend 24 hours  to work). For benefiting from this promo code, parents may send invitation to their teens here>  This is limited time offer, promo code ‘MDAYTEEN’ valid through May 13, 2018. Click to redeem the promo code for extra 20% Mather’s Day savings right now >>>Extra 20% savings for the teen with Amazon Mom’s day promo code ‘MDAYTEEN’

Promo codes May 2018 at Amazon Gift Cards by Brand, offering

Extra 20% off promo code ‘PETSSNS’ on first purchase of Pet Supplies by Amazon

Now Amazon has Introducing a brand of its own pet supplies, Wag. And at Wag page, they keep adding pets food and essentials all the time, as well for buyers  to save extra with the clipped promo coupons. Click to shop right now >>>

Now Amazon Pet Supplies offers an extra 20% off promo code (PETSSNS) for your First pets Delivery. Customers add a Select pets food to cart and receive extra 20% off for each eligible pets food at checkout. Offer limited time  .Click to Amazon Pet Supplies to get the savings right now >>>



Extra 10% off promo code “PANTRY10 for Amazon Prime Pantry

Now Amazon offers a new promo code for Prime Pantry purchases. Customers First order of 10 or more items at Amazon Prime Pantry, will receive an extra 10% off  their order with the promo code ‘PANTRY10’. The extra 10%  savings will be applied by entering the promo code at checkout. Offer is limited time and available for the Amazon Prime Member only, or good while supplies last. Click the promo code to save for your Amazon Prime Pantry order right now >>>

Promo code ‘HOLIDAYSHIP’ for savings on Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon has offers a holiday promo code for savings on Prime Pantry. Buyers  enter the promo code ‘HOLIDAYSHIP’ at checkout, will get the discount for shipping. Moreover, on these Thanksgiving & Holiday Entertaining days, for a limited time buyers  will: 1)save up to 25% on  Prime Pantry featured selection; 2) save Herbs, Spices & Seasonings under $2; 3) take an extra $6 off Prime Pantry order when add 6 items to shopping cart. Click to apply the promo code and get the holiday savings right now >>>